Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Taming the Paper clutter

I think one of my toughest clutter jobs is Paper!!!  I have struggled and struggled.  I have made piles, I have thrown things out without looking (never a good idea), I have tried so many things.  Lately I found something that works.  

I usually get the mail every day or every other day.  Kids come home with papers ALL the time, not to mention the papers or mail that have breeded outside of my control.  The one thing that I have managed to keep pretty clear and clutter free, has been my desk.  I can't even believe that that has been possible.  In the event of occasional slip ups, My hubby using the desk...It stays pretty clean.  I finally found a spot to put all my incoming papers to go through.
Simple!  Right at the edge of my desk.  When I see this pile, I KNOW it's time to go through some mail.  I actually enjoy this because it's organizing that gets done.  
Don't look at the right side of the desk, that's clutter that needs to be put away ;)
I separate all my papers.  
Top row: coupons, kids school paper/work,  Girl Scouts, receipts, Origami Owl paperwork.
Bottom row: magazines, Action papers, recycle and shred.

I tend to do this every couple of days and I enjoy it because all these papers get taken care of.  On the right side of my desk I have a desktop organizer that I file some of this paperwork in.  I'll post on a later adventure how I organize that.

I think this system works best for me because I know exactly where paperwork needs to go if I can't deal with it right away.  I don't let it go more that two days because I know some of my kids paperwork ends up having a deadline on it so it needs to be taken care of.  If you have a system please share with me what works for you.  If you don't, I hope this helps.  
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