Sunday, September 29, 2013

My week in iPhone photos. Week1

My little Kailey on her way to a friends birthday party.  This is her party dress!

I made Coleslaw this week, snapped a picture for my recipe book.  It's copycat KFC, so delicious.  You can find the recipe here.

I LOVE writing inspirations quotes that I find on Pinterest.  I woke up and found my hubby added a little something to the quote.

   Love these two!! On their way to school.

We are Vikings fans in this house.  I went grocery shopping and found this man on the Wheaties box.  It's got to be my husbands favorite player.

Everyone HAS to have a Goonies shirt!! A future project and Blog Post as well!

BY far my favorite show ever.  Found this picture on Instagram and ABSOLUTELY Love it.  SO sad that tonight is the Series Finale.

 Received my new Franklin Covey planner.  Future Blog Post!

One pan Taco meal.  My husbands favorite.  Picture for my recipe book.

 FaceTime with my dad.  The kids had so much fun.  He is a master of Spinjitsu!

My Beautiful kids on our way to school!

A pillow I found at Target and thought, I CAN DO THIS!!! Future project for sure!

I saw this quote on Facebook.  I absolutely love it because it's so easy to blame everything around you but not do things yourself.  GUILTY!!  It's time for me to change to get results I WANT.

Kailey wants me to add her to my iPhone lock screen to make it look like she's trapped in my phone.

          My cute kiddos!

Not for the faint of heart.  Making Kailey's bed, I see some dirt on the wall, I clean it up but these spots just don't want to come off.  Take a closer look, hmmm boogers.  She said they were salty!!!

                                     Changed to our fall dishes!! I LOVE this time of year!
           Kailey received a belated birthday gift from my good friend Arianna.  She said she LOVED it!

                                   So proud of myself for actually using my Erin Conderen planner!

mmmmm these are soooo good!! My friend Amanda over at Funny Days from A to Z texted me her awesome recipe.  These things could be really BAD!!!

                Super funny conversation with my friends.  Not quite sure what crafting nuggets are...

And last but not least.  Some play time with Kaileys friend Madison.  And some mommy time chatting and learning about technology!

Now it's time to do some loads of laundry, eat dinner, get the kids showered and in to bed and plan my grocery list and cut coupons.  Have a great week!
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