Monday, October 14, 2013

A Little Purse Organization

I would like to think I am an organized person, but every once in a while I fall off the wagon. BAD.  I have receipts everywhere, gum, trash, can't find my wallet, loose change, the works.  

Not too long ago I tried buying three small cosmetic bags to separate different things I always keep in my purse.  Things like deodorant, gum, lipstick, chap stick, hand sanitizer, lotion, wet wipes, personal girly items, tissue, and a wallet.  Almost like the character that  Jennifer Lopez plays in The Wedding Planner. You know that scene, when she's in the park and Matthew McConaughey gets a little 'hmhm" stuck in his hand so she pulls out her magic tools from her purse.  Yeah that organized purse.  

Well I am far from Jennifer Lopez, but I. LOVE. HER. AND the character she plays in that movie.  My perfect ideal, OCD, organized self.  Yeah lets be real, I have kids!

OK so here is my attempt.  I've heard of purse organizers before but was never really interested.  They just seemed kind of weird if that makes sense.  I found this trolling the Internet for a solution.

I found it on eBay for $6.99 and it was free shipping!  They had different colors but my favorite color is GREEN!

Here's a couple other views

I LOVE that you can have a choice of having it small or big.  

So I added my stuff that I ALWAYS keep in my purse.  Inside the zippers at the top is where I keep things that I don't use on a normal basis.  And YES I do use deodorant on a regular basis, and when I say regular I mean,  a little more than the average person, especially when it's hot.  That's a whole other story.  

I added my wallet inside.  That's a whole other post.  But it's a compact size Franklin Covey that I am in LOVE with.

Now to put it inside my purse.

Now anything I need is JUST inside that organizer.  And it doesn't change the shape of the purse or make it feel uncomfortable.  

And there is my purse.  My phone is usually in my hand and my keys will usually go in the pocket closest to my body.  

I hope that this helps you out if you are having trouble keeping an organized purse.  This system really does work for me.

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