Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Colgate SlimSoft Toothbrush Review

Not too long ago, I found a company called Influenster that basically sends you free products to test out and review.  Not 100% sure on how you are chosen but I got chosen and I am SUPER excited.  

My box arrived, big and beautiful!
I am already a Colgate user,  as you can see from my toothbrush, this box arrived just in time.
and my toothpaste
I opened the box and this is what was inside!

I was so excited to get started that I went straight to the toothbrush to open it.  Well try at least.
This is as far as the packaging would open.  That was with all my might (of one hand).  So I tried again.
The packaging, SUCKED, easy as that.  My other Colgate toothbrushes have a spot on the package where you open, pull and it comes right out.  

The toothbrush states that it is 17x Slimmer (vs. a manual flat trim TB with end-rounded bristles) for a deep clean.  

As soon as I put the toothbrush in my mouth to start brushing I was in HEAVEN.  I could hear birds chirping and the skies opening up.  I have very sensitive gums and sometimes when I go to brush, I'll brush too hard and it hurts, bad!!  I brushed in all those places and nothing, it was like nothing was bothering me at all.

After a couple of days, of brushing, flossing and mouth wash, I kind of felt like my teeth were either really clean or really dirty.  I just couldn't tell, not quite dirty but just not clean!  I just thought hmm whatever.  Then again another day (I didn't floss, but don't tell my dentist) my teeth didn't feel clean.  So then and there I decided let me go grab one of my other new toothbrushes and try again!  As soon as I put that toothbrush in my mouth I was done with the SlimSoft.  I went back to my Colgate EXTRA CLEAN toothbrush and my teeth are back to feeling amazing!

Now I'm not saying that the SlimSoft isn't for everyone but it wasn't for me.  At first I thought it was but after going back to my original toothbrush I realized it wasn't.  I am a creature of habit, until I find something better.  To me this wasn't better.  For now, I'll stick to my EXTRA CLEAN!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes
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