Friday, October 25, 2013

Craft Supplies Hidden in Plain Sight!

We have been living in our current home for almost 5 years.  My husband is in the Military and we decided to live in Military housing.  That being said, this house is NOT our dream home but it works.  We are getting ready for a move again in March but that didn't stop me from getting my paper crafts front and center in a spot that is convenient to get to.  

If you saw my Dining room Makeover, you saw that I had brought down my buffet table from my bedroom.  It has been upstairs the ENTIRE time we have lived here.  We have used it as a dresser and basically put in the stuff we don't use.!  So, when we got the new table I thought the buffet table would be a PERFECT fit for the dining room.  

Even though this beautiful piece of furniture is so nicely placed in the Dining room, there was actually nothing in here!  In this home we have a couple huge closets that are great for storage.  The closet that is downstairs was holding my scrapbook supplies but it was TOTALLY inconvenient.  Now that we have a nice flat table, I can cover it with a fun tablecloth and bring my supplies out and start working.  So why not have my supplies right at hand?!

This cabinet on the far left holds my solid papers, patterned papers, and themed paper books.  Plus my one Project Life kit!  It also holds some clear plastic sleeves for my albums that haven't been used yet.

The right side of the cabinet holds my Big Shot and my big stickers.  The stickers are all separated in to different themes.  Since this cabinet is really designed for this kind of storage, the pockets look like a big mess.  This is the only way they will store nicely.  I'll show how I separated them in an upcoming post.  My heart is happy knowing how they are separated even if the picture doesn't look that pretty ;)

The bottom drawer holds all the stamping ink I currently have.  It also holds any stamp accessories that I would need to clean or use with them.  The containers are from the DOLLAR store!! Super great find!

The middle drawer holds all my brads and punches.  I LOVE these little containers to hold and separate the brads.

The top drawer holds the miscellaneous items that I would use at any given time.  And my growing collection of washi tape.

If you're  a crafter, I'm sure you see some things are missing.  Like "Where are the stamps?" and the "other" stuff I would craft with.  

I am so thankful to have a Cameo Silhouette and that is stored in a little hallway closet with a nice little cover to keep it protected.  Like I mentioned before my huge storage closet downstairs still stores some of my supplies that won't fit in to my buffet table.

These two bins hold a couple different things.

The pretty bin on the left holds different crafting items that I plan on working on.  Kind of a catch all bin of fun projects I have planned.

The bin on the right holds all the current stamps I own. 

And this...well this holds all of my new "Me & My Big Ideas" kits.  It also holds pictures I plan on scrapbooking.

Each kiddo gets their own little plastic case.  I keep the pictures that I KNOW I want in an album in their own case.  I haven't quite labeled the bins yet because I wasn't quite sure how I was going to separate them.  I'm really happy with how this case stores so much.  I also definitely need to label them so I can see which kits I am missing and when I rush to the store, I know exactly which ones to pick up.  

And there it is!  Hidden in Plain sight,  Sprinkled "Just" Right!!
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