Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dining Room Makeover

Anyone that knows me good, knows my love for Interior Design and Organization.  I have a LONG way to go but I'm happy with the way things end up.  And if I don't, I go until I get it right, in my eyes.  I have an obsession with getting things JUST RIGHT!!!  

Since we live in Military housing, there's not much we can do about the walls and floors.  We can paint but I really don't want the headache when it comes time for move out.  So for now, I just think of  this as my "practice" home for when we are ready to buy one.  Five more years, and my hubby retires,  EEEKKKKK!!!

Since we have been in this home, the front room has pretty much stayed the same.  I got it right and it's everything I love so why mess with it?!

When we first got married I literally moved out of my house after I got married.  I never lived on my own, never had my own apartment, never knew what it was like to be without my parents.  So surprise, when we move in to our first home and my color scheme turns out to be... blue and white, just like my mom.  It's since then changed but so has mine.  It wasn't until I walked in to a shop in 2005 that I found this clock, that I realized exactly what my style was.
 Isn't she a BEAUTY????  She is by far one of my favorite pieces in our home. It no longer works and I have it front and center in the house.  My dad tried helping by getting a new motor for it, but it just doesn't work!  It drives me CRAZY but to me it's a piece of art!!!

From the moment I got this clock, it has absolutely given me my sense of style, or helped me define it.  And every time I tell people about decorating I tell them the story of this clock.  So this clock now has been in our little family for about 9 years and I love it just as much as the first day I got it.  Now moving on to the dining room.

When we moved in to our current home, we bought a bar height table.  We saw one for the first time visiting my husbands cousin and wanted the same exact one.  We were lucky, we found it.  Bar height was the way to go, five years ago!  In the past couple of years my husband and I were both starting to fall out of love of the table.  And in the past three months we were done with it.  It was just kind of annoying to get in and out of and the height and just about everything about it.  So when my husband gave the green light, I quickly posted it on our neighborhood for sale and free Facebook page and sold it pretty quickly.

This is what our room looked like with the bar height table.

It's not the best shot but it's the best I have of the old table.  And those DVDs, yeah that's another post!

So the first thing I did was started searching online for the type of table I wanted.  Originally I thought I would spend my money wisely so I could have some left over (from the sale of the table, we did really good on the resale).  I originally picked this table from (sorry for the bad quality picture, it just wasn't working for me)
I LOVE this table.  It's totally my style and I think it's cute. And for the price, forget it!! But as soon as I showed my husband, he said it looked like it was going to fall apart.  I disagree but that's what he said.  OK I'm searching for something else!!!

I start searching the worldwide web.  Checked, Target, Pier 1, wait did I say Pier 1?  ha ha why yes, yes I did.  I loved the Better Homes and Gardens table so much that I decided to use that as my inspiration.  And why not?! Look at it.  

As I was looking at Pier 1 online I found this photo and I fell in love.  Absolutely ALL the colors I use in the house.  Being the immature designer that I am, I all of a sudden saw the mixing of colors of woods and the two different style chairs.  I mean I know you can do that but in my own home, I don't think I have the guts!!!  So the next thing I decided, was to look for chairs!  

To my surprise, look what I found on  How pretty darn close are those to my inspiration photo above?  The delivery charge for these bad boys were going to be an arm and a leg so I decided to drive to the actual store to see if they could order them and have them delivered to the store.  Before I went to Kirklands, I had made a decision on which table I wanted and stopped in at the local Pier 1, ordered the table and headed to Kirklands.  

When I got there, I showed the nice lady that worked there the picture of my chairs that would one day come home to me and guess what, they had them! IN. STOCK!  eeeeeekkk!  They were going to come home with me today.  

As soon as I got home I put them together.  And there they sat.  For 10 whole days!  Then I got the call, my table was in!!!!  I asked my friend Brandy if she could help me out getting the table, her family has a truck, and she did.  I felt so bad, it was her birthday and her and her family came out and helped me (my husband was out to sea).  Thanks again so much Brandy ;)
And there she is!  Isn't she a beauty?  I am absolutely in love.  And do you see those chairs with that table.  It's heaven!

I found this little beauty at Target.  It has all the colors I use in our home in one beautiful little bouquet.   The blue mason jar holds questions that we ask each other at dinner.

Dinner essentials all in one place.

Those chairs...

I took the DVD shelving out and brought this beautiful buffet table that has been in our room, downstairs.  We got this at an auction.  An Ashley furniture piece for $75!  I scored on that one!

Now to add the finishing touches.

I am so happy with how this turned out.  I got inspiration from all my boards on Pinterest.   I use a board called Project now for things that I am currently working on so I'm not all over my boards searching for them.

I LOVE this "S".  I bought this last year and it has been sitting in a basket tucked away, waiting to be used for this exact purpose.  I'm in love.

And now for the final look.  If it was "our" home there would be paint on the walls, the floors would be different and you better believe there would be a chandelier right up there!  But for now, as it stands I am 100% thrilled with the outcome of this room.  I am thinking I might need to add a little bit of red over on the buffet table, but for now, it works.  
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