Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Fun Friday

I am a driver when it comes to picking up my kids at school.  I like the convenience of not looking so fabulous, and not letting anyone see me.  For some reason I feel it necessary to look half way decent when I walk to pick up the kids.  I'm not really sure why... But today my friend Amanda over at Funny Days from A to Z asked me if I wanted to walk and take the kids to the park.  She also mentioned there would be home baked snacks.  Let me just say I could probably write an entire post on the yumminess that have entered my home from her.  So I agreed.  I called up the school and told them the kids would be walkers today.  

I'm sure the kids were excited when they got that news.  

First thing, first, Kyle finally received his flute we ordered from school.  He was SO excited to tell me about it, it was practically out of his bag before he even said hi!

Zoey wanted me to see her sprinkle from her whoopie pie!
By the time I got to the box to take a picture, it was half empty!  But look at the details, an orange box with a with halloween sticker!! Love the attention to details!  I probably would have brought them in zip-lock bags.  NOW I know better!!
The girls eating the goodies, with a juice box too!
Kyle, trying to figure out if he likes it or not.
Enjoying friend time!
I have to say, the whoopie pies and park were a great idea, and the kids loved it.  This Kona Ice truck was in the parking lot, blaring it's rasta music, and the kids didn't even ask for any! WIN!!!
She was nice enough to give me a box for my husband.
Not soon after this picture was taken, the pie was GONE!!  He said, "this is really good, where does she get these boxes from!"  I guess he liked the extra detail too.

We had a great time.  I guess taking the kids to the park after school on a Friday will be good.  During the week, it's all business so Friday Fun Days seem like a good idea to me!  Thanks for the push Amanda!
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