Sunday, October 6, 2013

My week in iPhone photos. Week 2

This week was somewhat a busy week.   Here's what we did!
 Kailey had her first Girl Scout meeting with a new troop.

 She insisted on me taking a picture of all the patches she earned last year.

 Happy October 1st!  Mom fail, I made the cupcakes late so while putting the frosting on as I'm walking out the door to pick up the kids, it melted!

 Really?!?! I am all for home businesses but this is a little extreme!! 

 Kailey helped with dinner.

 Last game of the season for my husband.  And this little man is just a sight for soar eyes!

 Kailey wasn't having a very good night.  There were no little girls for her to play with so that meant she was miserable.

 Hubby up to bat.  They didn't win the championship game but they had a great season.

 I LOVE taking pictures with my favorite friends, little girls.  Witch hat necessary!  Cory, I'm missing Abrielle!

 My view at dinner.  New recipe equals me patiently awaiting a response.  Kyle was reading something, his face looks like he is not liking it but he ate it all up.

 Re-did my growth ruler.  Had to lighten up to be able to see the numbers.  Loving how it turned out!

 Kyle and I had a study session.  We spent a couple hours together in the quiet just him and I.  We loved every minute of it!

 Crazy hat day!  Good thing my kids told me five minutes before walking out the door!

 My handsome hubby, craving beans!  We need mamas!

 The week ended with The Childrens Festival at Towne Park.  It was miserably hot so we only stayed for a little bit. 
One of the boats that was by the pier.

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