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The 25th Annual AT&T Virginia Children's Festival Fun!!!

I've been living in Virginia now for almost five years, December will be five years.  I really never find out about festivals and events going on.  BUT my friends, they are awesome with that stuff.  Last year was the first time I was introduced to the Children's Festival.  We had a TON of fun.  Here are a couple pictures from last year!

This is a long one, LONG post beware, but the pictures are worth it!

The weather was perfect.  It was chilly when we got there but there was such a nice breeze that the heat was OK.  I even ended up getting a sun burn!  We ate funnel cake, the kids made all kinds of projects with lines not being too long.  The longest line we waited in was the line for face painting, which was about one hour!  But as you can see the results were beautiful!!!

After the event we went to a local restaurant called Ynot pizza.  First time for that too.  The pizza was really thin but it was REALLY good.  I LOVE me some pizza!!!

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to going this year.  The weather is always tricky this time of year here in Virginia.  Last year like I said was hot but with a cool breeze.  This past week was nice and cool, BEAUTIFUL weather.  Saturday was HOT.  My friend Arianna and I were meeting our friend Christine this year, there.  Here are some of the pictures when we first got there.

My Beautiful friend Arianna and Kailey!

The handsome boys Kyle and Darren!

Police Officers handing out Official Police badges, hehe just kidding!
Everywhere we looked there were beautiful fairies in different colors.  This fairy greeted us with fairy dust!
She was LOVING this fairy dust!

First thing we decided to do was go straight to the face painting station, so we wouldn't have to wait one hour like we did last year.  As we walked in we could tell everything was pretty much in the same area as it was last year.  We found the face painting station.

 Darren seeing his art!
wahwahwah... Not quite the same face painting as last year.  But clearly the kids enjoyed it!
And finally we found our favorite friend! (I LOVE THIS GIRL) This year her hubby came out to enjoy the festival with their brand new baby boy!! 

Isn't he just the cutest?  Well if you think he's cute, check this beauty out...

The absolutely adorable, Madison!

Poor Darren, his balloon art popped, so he tried fixing it!

We saw Snow white walking around.

Walked to different fun things to do.

Did some dancing.

Did some painting.

Did some more walking.

 Played dress up.

Found a tent to play in.

Kyle was SOOOOO excited to see this!

My little handsome!

By this time, actually as soon as we got there, we were miserably hot.  It was really hot outside and there was NO breeze.  Not even a little one.  I think the only breeze that I felt was me fanning myself to prevent myself from passing out.  The lines were REALLY long and for being on the waterfront, there was still NO breeze.  

I went with Arianna to take a survey for free water, yeah that's Ari, I came back and this was what I found!  Too cute for words!

Kyle checking out the Science booth, see that sweat coming down his head?!

Then we found some Star Wars characters.  

By this time we had decided we were done.  The kids were miserable, there was a 10 minute wait for ice cream and we were just done!  Christine ended up leaving the same time we did.  Arianna and I decided to take our kids to the closest mall to eat lunch and let the kids play in the air conditioned play area!  GOOD CALL!

I found this picture from last year and thought I'd do a side by side because they are so fun!

I love this girl!  Her and Christine are two of my very BEST friends!

As we were walking back to our car, Kailey saw this sign and said we HAD to have it.  We are Viking fans in this house, well my husband is and I am one by marriage, hehe.  But I always tell my husband I am going to change to The Saints because their team would go with our decor.  Black and Gold, Fleur de lis!  I mean what guy wouldn't want to cover their home in football gear.  Kailey said she would join me in being a Saints fan.  I'm thinking it may not be a bad idea because the Vikings are just not going anywhere!

And what elevator ride is not complete with out a ship theme?  They were all trying to "drive".

What event is not complete without a selfie?  My beautiful babies!

The kids had so much fun playing in the mall and Arianna and I had the funniest conversation that we just could not stop laughing.  I could have sworn I was going to wake up the next day with a six pack, didn't happen!  I also got scolded by the playground security guard for having a drink in there, that let me point out, I was not drinking!  I gave her a little piece of my mind, I was really upset.  And Arianna said I had a little fit.  Well, yeah I did but it was really stupid! (on their part not mine)  

When the kids were done, we did a little window shopping and went in to Charming Charlie. If you haven't been in that store, you MUST!!!  They have jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes, in EVERY color and it's color organized.  

While we were shopping, I kept hearing, "Ms. Corley" and I turned around and saw this...
and this...
and this...
Oh but this one was different, because someone was actually standing there and she was a little shy.  Then they left...
And she was back with her posing!

Leaving the mall, Kyle was keeping tabs on Darren.  He's always been like that with him, I'm not sure why but it's super cute every time I spot it.  

The day was fun, it was hot and kind of miserable but I was able to hang out with my two very best friends and enjoy their company.  I ended up spending 12 hours with Arianna, the whole day, but the nice thing was that we don't get to hang out as much as we used to and we ended up spending the whole day.  It went by quick and didn't even feel like it was that long.  I always enjoy time spent with them and my kids love them just as much as I do.  

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the Children's Festival!

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