Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords!!!

What would we do without the Internet?  Sometimes I can't believe there was ever a time that I went without it.  My dad saw the First man on the moon, he saw the first TV and when it went to color!  Me, I saw the Internet come alive!!  

I still remember my first class for the Internet.  We set up "Hotmail" accounts.  That just cracks me up, and makes me feel very old!

Now a days, you need a password for everything. For most of the stores I "shop" in I try and use simple ones, mostly the same but for others sometimes it has to be specific!  One capital letter, two numbers, five letter word!  So annoying!

 A lot of people say not to write your passwords down anywhere but in reality that's not really an easy thing to do.  Unless you use the SAME.EXACT.PASSWORD for absolutely every site you go on that needs a password, you're going to need something different.  

Here is what we had on our desk.  Yup that old traditional Rolodex.  I HATED it!  It took up to much room and when I end up with desk clutter, forget it, it ends up in the way.  

After going to one of my favorite stores online, The Container Store, I found this little beauty online.

I HAD to have it!!!  The only problem was, the closest store is 3.5 hours away and shipping was going to be $7-9, nope not going to pay that.    Hubby and I just recently became Amazon Prime members and guess what I found on Amazon?!  You guessed it, This little book! AND free shipping for Prime members!  If you shop Amazon and you don't have Prime, it's definitely worth it.  

The thing I LOVE about this little book, is we can keep our passwords here and it's pretty small.  When it's not in use it's tucked away on my desk organizer and it doesn't scream, "I AM AN INTERNET ADDRESS PASSWORD" book.  

This has definitely helped in taking care of clutter.  I mean the difference in size of the Rolodex alone makes it worth it.  

What do you use for your Internet passwords?

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