Friday, April 11, 2014

Our New Home

We are finally here, moving day!  After we were done with our home on Eilers St., we hopped in the Uhaul and our car and took off for our new home.  Just a 3 hour trip North.  We are now on the border of Maryland. 

Before our move we were so anxious about the house.  When we were here last time, my friend lived in one of the homes and I remember it being TINY!!!  What was funny about the layout online was that it didn't show the dimensions of each room, it just showed us the total square footage.  Much to my surprise, when we arrived, we didn't think we would have such a big piece of property.

Here is the view from the sidewalk, yup, it looks tiny!!

Here is the view from the end of our walkway of the SCHOOL!! Yes, school!!  I was lucky enough to have housing let me pick which address we wanted.  When she said one was located next to the school, I grabbed that one up FAST!!

The view of the side of our house from the sidewalk.

Here is the view of our backyard from the back porch.  Check out that park!!!

And welcome to our new home!  The pictures are a little awkward because the house is soooo small.  Oh did I already say that??

The built-ins that will come to much use.  Just not sure how!

 The view from the built-ins.  Is that carpet in the dining room?!

Another built in, not sure much will fit in there.  That door is Kaileys room.

This is Kaileys room.

The ONE bathroom we will ALL share.

Our ONE closet!

 This is Kyles room.

And this is the Kitchen, so that does mean we will be eating with carpet under our feet!

The Laundry room.

 Kind of awkward with this mess in it but, it will have to do.

Now lets unpack that Uhaul and get this party started!!!

The best thing of all was to finally place the gift my friends gave me on a shelf.

I can't wait to start putting the house together.  Something tells me that this is going to be a big job only because we have very LITTLE storage!  We'll see what happens!  But for now, we are home.

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