Friday, April 4, 2014

Saying Good-Bye

Another year, another move; The only thing different with this move now, is that we have kids!  
My husband and I have been married now for almost 13 years.  We have had four different duty stations, this being our fifth, and this is our EIGHTH move!! 

 Let me explain: Our first move of course was when we got married, I was living in San Diego and my husband had already been out in Virginia, so we packed a U-haul and drove across country on our honeymoon, we are still waiting on that real one!

Second move: From our first apartment, to our second apartment.  My husband was going on "our" first deployment so I moved in to an apartment complex where my best friend lived so I wouldn't feel so lonely.

Third move: We BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! We ended up buying a home in December of '03, found out we were pregnant in February of '04, got new orders to CA, sold our home in October of '04

Fourth move: I left VA to stay with my parents in San Diego while my husband attended a school in FL for his new duty station.  He was done with school just in time for me to have our first born, Kyle in San Diego.  YUP he's a California boy!!! In January of '05 we moved to Merced, CA for Recruiter duty.

Fifth move: So… here's where it gets SUPER fun!  We got orders to a school in Dahlgren, VA for 9 months and then from there we would be getting our official 5 year duty station.  During the last few months of being in Merced, we had our second born, Kailey.  I was lucky enough to have her in the same hospital as Kyle was born.  YUP she's a California girl!!!  We were told my husband couldn't have his family with him, so…we packed up the necessities and moved in with my parents, packed up a storage unit with all of our stuff and stayed with my parents while my hubby headed to school in Dahlgren, VA.  After I unpacked the final box at my parents house and my hubby drove cross country, after Uhauling our stuff from Merced, we get a call, "I'm coming to get you guys!"

Sixth move:  He checked in to the command and the first question they asked was, "where's your family!" say what?! So hubby flew out to CA, unpacked the storage unit that had been packed for one week, packed it all in to a Uhaul, drove back across country towing our family vehicle.  The kids and I ended up flying because that trip would not have been fun with two kids.

Seventh move: Japan!!! Nope not happening back to Norfolk it was.  We were only in Dahlgren for 9 months.  That brings us pretty much up to date!  Norfolk is pretty much where the kids grew.  Kyle and Kailey started Pre-K there.  Full school day at a public school, free and WONDERFUL.  We were truly lucky to have had the opportunity for them to both go full day Pre-k and full day Kindergarten.  Here's where it gets hard.  Along with them starting school and making friends, well, I made friends too.  I made lots of friends.  I reconnected with old ones, made new ones, lost some too.  Not in the tragic way but in the sense where a friendship ends.  A couple were no big deal but a couple were truly heartbreaking.  Looking back now I see that each situation was a life lesson and I'm ok with that.  But then of course there's those friendships that you make that you truly know will last a lifetime.  

For the first time I had to say good-bye to a friend because her family was up for orders and it was their turn to leave.  This is the first time I made a friend that was the Ying to my Yang.  Needing a soda at 9:00 am after we dropped the kids off to school as we headed off to get our Target fix.  Seems like a ridiculous thing but it was something that was just "us".  I miss having that right down the street.

Let me change gears a little…

Eighth move: Here we go, back to Dahlgren.  My husband had the unique opportunity to have quite a few extra months to pick orders.  This time around we had 12 MONTHS to choose.  Now anyone that knows me, knows how close my parents and I are, we wanted SAN DIEGO!!!  12 months, for sure they'll come up.  Well we got orders to San Diego, told the kids, told my parents and the day before the orders were being released, they took them away.  We did not see that coming and it was heartbreaking.  I remember all of us sobbing.  So much so, my husband felt so bad, he came home and we didn't send the kids to school that day.  It was not a happy day.  After months of let down, in our last month, we got NEEDS of THE NAVY and were sent to Dahlgren, VA.  Ooh, we were unhappy to say the least.  Oh well it's done, there's nothing we can do.  So here it goes.  The planning begins.

Our rotation is usually December so I started packing up the house in July, taking the clutter off the walls, packing up the stuff we didn't need, you know to make sure all the "junk" at the end of a move are taken care of.  hahaha that junk was still there.  We didn't end up moving until March!  So the one thing I started to learn was living with out the clutter.  Whooooh have I learned a lot in this move!

Fast forward to March 12, 2014, The UHAUL truck is here!! This is a sight that I was starting to feel would never happen.  As much as I didn't want to leave because of all the great friends we had, I was mentally already gone!

This picture was taken in Dahlgren, VA when we were leaving in 2008.  One of my favorite pictures.  (Kailey was too little to cooperate, and although this looks like I posed him, this is how I found him)

Because I loved that picture SOOOO much, I figured I should do the same thing leaving Norfolk, and I have to say, it's just beautiful!  Looking at the difference really brings tears to my eyes.

With these pictures in my mind, I thought it would be neat to do the same with their bedrooms, and I'll do the same in the new house.

This picture, to me, is soooo funny.  We are moving, packing boxes, and hubby decides to use the boxes as a shelf!  What am I to do when I need a box?! I figured it out, that's for sure! ;)

Let the game of Tetris begin.  This truck is half full!!!

And here is where my story gets sad!!! These girls!! Wow, just thinking of them brings tears to my eyes!  I could tell you stories and stories about them and how we met and how wonderful they are but I always have a hard time trying to express what I'm feeling.

I could not have ever met a better couple of friends than I have found in them.  They were the reason I was in Norfolk, to learn the lesson of friends becoming family.  I know in my heart that we will always be friends.  We have the best text conversations, I'm pretty sure these conversations could be turned in to a comedy.  I have never cried or laughed so hard with anyone than these two (I have definitely had my share of moments with another friend ;). They are a true definition of what friendship is and I will FOREVER cherish them.

They came to help out on the last night we were in Norfolk to help with the odds and ends, and to say Good-bye.  One of the hardest Good-byes I've had.

Our little family ended up staying in a hotel across the street that night because the truck was nice and packed.  We did one night on the floor, and that was enough!

And there she is, the part of the house where we spent most of our days, a blank slate.

Good Bye 502, we had some good memories, now it's time to make new ones!

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