Monday, May 19, 2014

A Little Bit Country And Why It Pays To Read The Fine Print

Yup you heard that right!  I am just a little bit country.  Wait, did I tell you where I live?  Well if you have been following along, you know that we just moved. You also know that I am obsessed with shopping and I LOVE Target.  Well, guess what, the closest Target is 40 minutes away.  Yes, I said that right, 40 minutes away and it's in another state, and it costs me $5.40 every time on my way back because of a toll.  EEEEEkkk.  That makes for a sad Michelle, right here.

Being that we are so far out in the country, it's good and bad.  Good: whatever I buy when I go in to town, means I need to really make sure I need it, can use it, it will fit, because I can't turn around and take it back the next day.  Bad: I can't hop in the car when I am having an organizational emergency to go find the perfect item. We do have a Wal Mart up the street.  It's brand new, I mean two years old.  Sounds perfect right?  Well not really.  It's actually not a good Wal Mart.  They don't have a fabric section, or a nice new home section.  It's really kind of a bare minimum Wal Mart.  I have to travel 1 hr. away to get to a good one.  I know you feel so sad for me right now.  But it's ok.  This house is so small, no more furniture will fit.  That means anything that comes in this house, has to have a home or it's not coming in.

So...I am on a roll on getting the house put together.  All the windows in the house have vertical blinds which is great.  I have never had these in any of our homes.  Lots of windows in the house, lots of window coverings needed.  I wasn't quite sure what to do.  When I found the pattern of the valances I chose, I fell in love.  I was a little bit skeptical and wasn't sure if I would really love them.  I knew that I didn't want to do full curtains.  Remember, lots of windows, means curtains will be expensive.  Plus the house is really small, I don't want to suffocate it with curtains.  On top of that, I don't want to have to clean curtains all the time.  That's ok, call me lazy.

Here is the pattern I chose.

curtains, saving money, rebates

I LOVE it.  I know it's not for everyone, but it's for me and our home.  It pretty much matches everything in the house.  

Speaking of Better Homes and Gardens, I'm sure that anyone that has shopped in Wal Mart in the last few years has noticed this fabulous brand and the cute things they have brought to Wal Marts shopping floor. 

Now here comes the fun part.  For now I have a single valance on each window except for two.  They were $9.99 a valance.  Hubby went shopping with me and he almost freaked out when it turned out to be $60.  I mean for valances, not bad.  Had I gotten them at my favorite store, forget it, my windows would still be bare.  OR I would be buying them one at a time and by the time I finish, they would be discontinued.  HAHAHA 

On certain packages of this brand I'm sure you have noticed the "1 Year Free Subscription".  If you buy this product, it is included in the purchase!  Yup my Better Homes and Gardens subscription is free from a purchase I made a while back.  Now did anyone notice that I said, "included" yup INCLUDED in the price.  That means, buying this item, is buying a subscription.

Now see the little * on it?  Well lets see what that means?

If I don't want the subscription, I can send this little bad boy in and get a $6 REFUND!! That means each valance is only $4.99!! Are you kidding me??  Do you know how many of these I have thrown away?  I am a little annoyed with myself for not ever reading the fine print.  So now I am awaiting a nice little refund and maybe when that comes, I'll go get myself three more valances so each window looks a little more full.

So I learned with this purchase that:
I'm a little bit country.
I Love Better Homes and Gardens, a little bit more.
I really am almost done with the house.
These valances match the house perfect, even if they are a little bit country!!

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