Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Professional Picture Organization

Whew!! What a relief!! This project has been on my mind for quite a while, actually before we moved.  I know you are all familiar with all the extra pictures from Christmas, Sports, School and even Family photos.  

Before we moved I had a photo album with all the professional pictures we have taken.  Pictures of Kyle as a baby, Kailey as a baby and all kinds of others, including pictures of us without kiddos (hard to imagine now).  It's so hard to get rid of the extras.  For some reason I have to hold on to them and I'm pretty sure I am not alone in this.

Here is the current photo album that holds all the photos.

  Yup it's an old school photo album.  This photo album holds sentimental value to me.  When my husband and I were dating, he gave this to me for my birthday.  He put a couple photos of us and said it was for us to hold our memories.  After we were married, I started scrapbooking and took everything out and put it in to a Scrapbook.  Now I realize, I should have left it alone because I have never received a gift like that from him again, so I'm kind of sad that I took it apart. But, I'm going to be ok with it because I still scrapbook.

You can see there are a lot of pictures in this album.

Pictures of my husband and I before we were married.

Our first baby, Kyle

Our second baby, Kailey.

                                                            and then school starts...

When I see pictures of them as newborns and then school pictures, I realize how fast time goes by.  
It's probably a good idea that I start this organization process before I get too many pictures, I forget what order they go in.

After lots of contemplation on how I was going to organize these photos, I decided I really liked the pictures in the notebooks.  Plus that meant I'd still be able to keep my beloved old school photo album.  

I decided to go with a binder for each of them.  I didn't want to buy a photo album so I decided to go with the Staples binders that I have heard so much about.

Of course I had to go with a pink and blue one.  I also decided to go with a 2 inch binder rather than a smaller one.  They are in 1st and 3rd grade, I foresee a ton of pictures from now until 12th grade!

Before Pinterest, I used to cut things out of magazines.  I'm sure you all did too, that was our Pinterest back then, so I have collected a TON of plastic sleeves.  

They all live in a nice little container that I have tucked away in a cabinet.  

My favorite brand is the Avery brand.  You can pretty much find these bad boys anywhere.

So I took a handful out,

gathered the professional pictures that I have roaming around the house (they were really in a drawer of papers I have to sort through) and sorted.

The first pile is Kyle, Kailey and Family.

I grabbed the original photo album and separated the photos that were already filed and put them in the separate binders.  They are all put in chronological order.

Since our photo album was already labeled, I grabbed my favorite label maker and made labels for Kyle and Kaileys binders.

There they are, my babies.

I put the picture that I am currently working on, for their memory book, in the front of the binder.  Hope that made sense.  That's a whole other blog post. hehe

All labeled and pretty.  Blue for my boy and pink for my girl!

The black album will still house our family photos.  They each have some empty plastic sleeves in the back. I am so happy I have finally finished this project.  Now as pictures come in, get distributed, the extras will slip in the back empty sleeves and be in order.

How do you have your photos organized, or is it time to start?
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