Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Much Needed Girls Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun!  I met up with a couple of my best friends from Norfolk.  My friend Arianna is getting ready for a military move and this was the last chance we could meet up before she moves to South Carolina.  As soon as she found out about her new move, her, Christine and I planned to meet up before she leaves.  We decided to meet in the middle of Norfolk and Dahlgren.  Chester, VA it was.

To make this girls weekend go off without a hitch, we decided that meant the kids would go with us.  My kiddos have been asking every weekend, since we set a weekend, when we were going.  I finally decided to put a countdown app on my little mans iPad mini.  He was super happy about that.

The weekend was finally here.  To make sure we met up about the same time, we planned on 10a.m.  When 10 a.m. came we made sure to text as we were heading out.

Kailey only asked "Are we there yet?" twice.  She still doesn't get that if we are still driving, we.are.not.there.yet.  I also think she might get car sickness.  She said she didn't feel good, she didn't actually get sick but every time we have a long drive she feels sick.

We ended up getting to the hotel one hour early.  It worked out because Denny's was in the same parking lot as the hotel.  Christine, Arianna and their kids grabbed food on their drive out.  The kids and I decided to go ahead and eat.

My go to meal at Denny's is their Club Sandwich with seasoned fries and a side of ranch dressing.  I get this, EVERY TIME!!  IHOP is where I get breakfast.

After seeing this picture, my mouth is watering.  UGH Denny's is 50 minutes away from here.

The girls got there about five minutes after we finished eating.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  

After checking in to the hotel, we decided to do what all girls do, shop!  We took our stuff up to the room and relaxed for about thirty minutes.

Time for some selfies!

Then we were off...

The mall we went to was BEAUTIFUL!  It was an outdoor, high end mall.  There's not many of those around here.  I was really kind of surprised.  First because it rains so much all seasons here in Virginia.  Second, I was able to go in to a Pottery Barn and not have to shop online!

We walked around the mall and stopped at the Food Court to get a pretzel and drink. 

My little man was so helpful.  He helped push CJ's stroller around.  He really enjoyed it but was very quick to say no more brothers and sisters in our home.

The mall was really beautiful.

On our way out we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory, I should say I stopped to get a slice of cheesecake to go.  I was very honest in telling everyone that I would NOT share if I got a piece.  I got lucky, the kids didn't even know what I got, Christine doesn't like cheesecake and Arianna only wanted one bite.  I was bad, didn't get a picture.  I ate it so fast I didn't even get the chance!

Had to get that gorgeous little boy in our picture.

We all love to craft.  If you have ever heard of Hobby Lobby, you might have heard that it's like Michaels on steroids.  Yup it sure is!!  Christine and I made a trip a couple years ago to the closest Hobby Lobby to us in Norfolk.  We drove about 1.5 hours to get there.  When we went in, we fell in love!

Arianna wasn't able to go with us so this was the perfect time.  Plus it was two shopping centers over from the mall.

Picture perfect!

By the time we left Hobby Lobby, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knew we were gone.  Three adults, four children and a baby, we got a couple stares in the store but I was ok, we were enjoying ourselves and so were the kids.  We made it out without breaking anything so that was a plus.

After we left Hobby Lobby, we went to Target right next door.  We thought it would be a good idea to get some snacks and water.  It ended up being the best idea.

Arianna blew my mind when we went in to Target.  Our kids are no longer babies, with the exception of CJ.  We all put our kids in a cart, but man they are heavy.  Leave it to the genius Arianna, she would make me say that, to figure out a super simple way of putting the kiddos in the cart.  So without further ado (is that even how you spell it, let alone say it, hehehehe)

Both kids trying to get in at the same time is not a good idea.  But they insisted on trying.

Lift that part of the cart as high as you can.

HA Success!!

Now put the little seat down for my purse.

How super simple and easy was that?  I can't believe in all the years of having little ones, I didn't think of that.

High five for not failing in trying to pick her up and missing the cart.

Cart is emptied out, now time for the kiddo to get out

And she's almost there...

And she's out!  Another high five.

Happy to be out.

One of my great finds at Hobby Lobby was this beautiful Project Life kit.  The Strawberry Kit was designed by Emily Ley.  If you don't know who she is, definitely check her out.  I think her 2015 planner will be my planner for next year.  (I can't link up to the planner because she is getting ready to launch it.)

When we got back to the hotel, the kids were begging to go to the pool.  Of course, a promise is a promise.  9:00 at night we took the kiddos to the pool.  Christine stayed back to put CJ to bed.

They had a blast!

10:45 the pizza was delivered, yup spending time with girlfriends delays those meal times.
Caught a picture before all the pizza was gone.  That side salad was AMAZING!

Blankie picnic on the floor.

We ended up going to bed around 12:30, I don't think any of the adults slept, just the kids.  The next morning we were up at 7:30.  In a hotel room that has more kids than adults, when one person wakes up everyone wakes up.  After packing up our stuff, we headed down for our free breakfast.

I caught this cute moment on camera 

After a quick overnight visit, it was time to go.  It was so worth it to see these two, and the kids.  I always knew how much they meant to me when we lived in the same area but to be able to see them after being away for two months, it was like we were never apart.  That right there just proved to me how special our friendship truly is.

On our way home, I decided to stop at the mall we visited the day before.  It was on our way home so it made it ok.

We got to the mall about 20 minutes before they opened so while we waited we sat down and took a little picture.  

We went in to Pottery Barn so I could pick up something I have been eyeing for a while.  I haven't gotten it because I didn't want to pay shipping.  Yay for picking something up in store and not paying shipping!  While we were in there, they had one of those beautiful stands that holds drinks in it.  Lemonade was the drink of the day.  When the kids asked if they could have some the lady that worked there said, "Absolutely, we take care of our customers here".  There was something so simple about what she said.  You definitely get what you pay for.  I've never gotten that kind of service at Wal Mart, just sayin!

Kailey loved that lemonade, she held on to it as we walked around the mall.

Kyle spotted the Apple store and said, "I'm in heaven!"  This little boy is in love with his electronics.

This weekend was so great.  It was so worth taking that extra time to make a visit happen.  Sometimes we can get caught up in our everyday life that we let some of our friendships go.  In the words of Heather Dubrow "I'd rather have one fabulous friend..." I'm lucky enough to have a handful of fabulous friends.

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