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How I Organize A Small Bathroom

When we received our orders for our new duty station, the first thing I did was hopped online to check out the floor plan to our new home. (We live in military housing so I was able to check it out ahead of time.) I knew that the floor plan would not be exactly the same as shown on the website but it would give me an idea.  The very first thing I noticed was, ONE BATHROOM!!! You heard me, one bathroom.  That's for four people.  Now I know lots of people have one bathroom but coming from a home that had two and a half bathrooms, this was a shock for me.  I truly didn't know what I was going to do.

After seeing what I was going to have to deal with, I starting cruising the world wide web.  I found quite a few ideas online and on Pinterest.  Thankfully through Pinterest I found a beautifully organized bathroom from Samantha at Simply Organized.  If you're not following her, you should be.  I have found so much inspiration from her.  I LOVE the shelving unit she put up.  I was really hoping to be able to do that when we moved in to the new house but when we saw it, I knew there was no way it was possible.

From my Bathroom Pinterest board, I was super inspired but I just had to decide what would realistically work.

Here's the before of our bathroom:

and under the sink

As you can see,  we were dealing with a super small bathroom.  When we first moved in I literally threw everything under the sink.  But no excuses.  I had to make this work for four people.

First things first, organizing under the cabinet.  I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get this organizer that I had seen in a circular.

I only bought the bottom piece because even with taking the measurements, I'm not really sure the top piece will fit.  I just might take that 45 minute drive chance just in case Magic happens but for now, this will do.

As you can see it made a HUGE difference.  I was so happy.

I always keep extra trash bags at the bottom of the trash can.  Great space saver and I always know where I'm at with trash bags.

Here's a shot of the bathroom from our hallway.  Sorry for the dark pictures, there is NO window in site!

Here's my favorite part of the bathroom!

I decided I really needed storage that would work but had to figure out how it could look pretty at the same time.

Using jars on the shelves was a great idea.  Daily items are easily accessible and everything is white so it looks pretty.  We use q-tips everyday.

I keep the cover on the extra soap because of the precipitation when we take showers.  I don't want them to stick together when I need one.  And it helps when the soap matches, wink wink.

Cotton balls don't get used on a regular basis so they are on the top shelf.

And the flowers, well they're just pretty!

I know it looks like something is missing in the shower...

I love my shower hooks

And this is why our shower supplies are hidden with the shower curtain.  I LOVE having everything in front of us.  Everything stays clean and doesn't get mildewy (is that a word?!) directly under the shower head.

Here's a view of the shower from the hallway without the shower curtain covering it.  

See how it makes a difference...

Here's my other favorite part of the bathroom.  I went to Ikea and bought the Fintorp rail and three of the flatware caddies to use for our toothbrush and toothpaste.  As you can see there is no counter space so I had to utilize every inch I could.

The grown up toothbrushes and toothpaste.

A plant in the middle, because well, I had to have it.  And it adds a decorative touch.

The kiddos stuff.  It's the perfect height for them.  My six year old has no trouble getting to it.

Sharing a bathroom as small as ours is, that Glade is a necessity!

My husband has to shave everyday for work so this is a must.  There really is no way of hiding it that would please me and make him ok with it being hidden, so here it stays.

A small dustpan hung up with a Command hook.

Here is the inside of the medicine cabinet.  Nothing exciting going on here.

Here is my other, OTHER,  favorite part of the bathroom.

Originally there was a towel bar.  Realistically one towel bar was not going to work for all of our towels.  This was a perfect compromise.  Since we are renting, we kept the towel bar in a storage bin so we can replace it when we move out.

Here's the crowns up close.  I LOVE them!

The next thing I did for storage was hung up a clear hanging shoe rack.  My mom is probably twitching right  now.  I know it's an eye sore but realistically it works.  We are here everyday.  Everything we need is within reach and we really don't have any storage.  If we don't want guests to see it we can always take it down and put it behind our bedroom door for a temporary fix.  But really I don't mind it because most of the houses in our neighborhood are one bathroom so if a neighbor stops by and has to use the potty, they may think I'm a genius!  Hmm, that's very rare for me so I might just keep it up.

Top row has cleaning supplies and Band Aids.  I know, weird combination.  I think I just realized it hehe.

The second row holds our dental floss, free samples from the dentist always a plus!  Adult toothbrushes, kids toothbrushes, and my razors.  Looks like I need to stock up on those!

Third row, hair stuff for my daughter and I, and nail supplies.

Fourth row, deodorant for hubby and I and body lotion.  The body lotion is at a perfect level that we don't even need to take it out of the pocket.

Fifth row, make up towelettes, body spray, Chapstick (well technically Blistex) and mouth fluoride for the kids.

The last row holds the lids for the jars on the shelves, extra travel Kleenexes, an empty pocket and cleaning wipes.  I leave it a little open so I can grab a wipe quickly.  

This was a pretty easy project.  So far everything we really need in the bathroom is there.  I am not searching the house for extras of anything we need which is a huge help.  We really haven't had as many issues as we thought we would with one bathroom.  I'm just glad there is Glade in there!

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