Thursday, June 5, 2014

How To Organize All Those Recipes You Have Laying Around The House

Before Pinterest, I used to rip recipes out of magazines and print recipes off the Internet, all the time!  In the last two or three years that I've been on Pinterest, the amount of paper that I have pulled out of magazines has decreased by a lot.  That being said, I am not an electronic recipe kind of girl.  I have a few friends that use their phones or iPads to look at their recipes while cooking.  I am not that girl!  I need to be looking at something tangible, not electronic.  

Every week when it comes time to planning out our meals, I try to make one new recipe.  Wether it be a dessert, a side, a dinner, a breakfast, you know, anything that we can eat.  Notice I say "try".  When I decide on a new recipe, I print it out.  So that adds to the other pile of recipes waiting to be tried.

If you have read my post before this one, How An Errand Planner Saves My Day,  you found out that I am addicted to the ARC system.  And you also read that I try and find anything to ARC.  So guess what else I ARC'd, yup my Recipe Book.

The recipes look nice and pretty when they are printed out, but I like uniform, I like the same, I like Organized!

  Every recipe that I try and liked by everyone in the family, gets a picture and a permanent page in the recipe book.

When I started this process I didn't really think about long term, I really just thought about being organized and having all my recipes look pretty.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this would be a nice thing for my kids to have when they're older.  They will have all our family recipes handwritten by me all in one book with pictures of the food WE ate together.  

Here's the layout with the recipe written down and the picture of the recipe I made.

Once I've finished printing the picture and writing down the recipe, I bring out my lovely laminator.  Don't tell anyone but it's really my best friend. 

Here are the tools I'll need to finish off my project.

Once I've written down the recipe and the photo looks good, I trim the left side of the paper.  This is just to make the recipe fit nicely in the book.

I take off about 1/4 of an inch.

Once I've trimmed it.  I slip it in to the laminating sheet to make sure it's nice and even.

I slip the picture in, and run it through the laminator.

Here's all the recipes that have been waiting to be permanently put in to my recipe book.  Finally written, photographed and laminated.

So pretty!

Now to make it permanent.  I line up a previous recipe that has been cut and see how much I will need to trim off.

I trim a little from the bottom and top.

After all the cuts, I make sure they are the same size.

Now I make sure that my ARC punch is set at the "letter" size.

Stick the laminated recipe in to the punch...

If everything is lined up,  a beautiful result!

Even with being very careful, sometimes I mess up the punch!  And you guessed it, after all that work, I ended up messing up a couple of the sheets.  I started all over again.  It has to be done the right way.  Even though it's annoying and happens very rarely, I would rather fix it right away instead of having a messed up looking recipe book.

After all that hard work, it's time to insert them in to my cook book.

There is the recipe all pretty in my book!

And here's a recipe that hasn't been done.  Can you see why I prefer it my way?!

The beauty about this ARC system is that I can pull the recipes in and out as needed.

And here's a bonus...I don't really need the whole cook book, plus that leaves the risk of spilling food all over the book.

And when I'm cooking I don't need to worry about ruining the recipe with any grease or yucky cooking juice!  If anything spills on this recipe, I literally wipe it down and it's back to normal.

How do you organize all those recipes laying around the house?

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