Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Pool Essentials

Now that summer weather is upon us, the pool is looking super good!  In our new home we are lucky enough to live directly behind the base pool.  I must admit I am an indoor person and even more so since we all keep finding ticks on us!  EWWWWW gross!!!!!  But, I can't stay inside all summer and neither can the kids.

Recently a new friend invited me to a thirty-one party.  I was super excited because I had seen the flip flop design, that I missed out on last year, was available again.  EEEeeek I was there!  

I have a lot of thirty-one bags already but after seeing this print, I HAD to make an excuse to buy it.  And with this months special, spend $35 and get a Deluxe Utility Tote for $25 or a Large Utility Tote for $10, I couldn't resist.

I was able to get everything I wanted at the party and it was delivered super fast!  This had me thinking that I had to get a pool kit together.  Like I said before I have a ton of thirty one bags but because I have a touch of OCD, I HAD to have this print specifically for the pool and beach trips.

The bags I bought are, the Medium Thermal Zipper, Thermal Tote and the super cute Manicure Nail File in the Fun Flops design.  This got me to $35.  I decided to go with the Deluxe Utility Tote for $25.  I mean how CUTE are these bags.  I officially have a designated set for the pool and the beach.

In the Medium Thermal Zipper I carry a couple of the essentials.  Bandaids, Neosporin, Kleenex and baby oil.  For some reason EVERY time we go to the pool, someone scrapes a toe, a knee, something, so that helps!  Now I'll always be ready.

Everything fits in there with room to spare!

Next, in the Thermal Tote, is our snacks.  We usually eat lunch about one hour before we leave so I take very minimal snacks to the pool.  They usually come out for a drink and a really quick snack and jump right back in to the pool.

I think I might need to add a coordinating tote so I can add more water and maybe an ice pack.  The tote closes just perfectly with all this inside.

  There are three pockets on the front side.  I throw the sunblock in the front pocket.

Two towels, two totes and goggles, and I have PLENTY of room to add more stuff in there.  

I know there are plenty of bags that you can use to go to the beach and pool but having this set makes me feel put together.  I know it sounds silly but it really does.  I'm not searching for what to put where or what can I fit this or that in, it's done.  All ready to go!  

If you don't have a thirty-one consultant, Tiffany was super helpful and super sweet.  Here is a link to her website  If you have any questions you can contact her through her website and possibly host an online party.  If you like this print for the Large utility tote or the Deluxe Utility Tote,  it's only available for these bags in June so make sure and grab it up.  

Hope you enjoy those beach and pool days!  I know we are!

*DISCLAIMER - I did not receive anything or the bags for this post.  These are all my opinions and I truly LOVE them :)

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