Friday, June 27, 2014

Welcome to Fabulous Finds Friday!

I love to shop!  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  I've heard people say they hate shopping, ummm not me!  I don't get to go as much as I want to but I still manage to get myself out.  Now that we are so far away from town, I make sure only what I love comes home with me.  With that thought I decided why not share on Fridays?! Let's make that, Fabulous Finds Friday!  Since I don't go out every week, I'll have a wide variety of Fabulous Finds.  Food, clothes, toys, craft supplies, you name it, I'll probably have it at some point in time!  

So join me as I show you all the fabulous stuff I found out in town this week.

P.S. If you ever need help being convinced to buy something, I'm your girl!  Just today my friend Arianna said to Christine, "Michelle can convince anyone to buy just about anything!! Trust me!!!"  Guilty...Right HERE!

Welcome to:

This past week, I had to go in to town to return something and make sure I picked something up for our upcoming trip to San Diego.  This is not a usual haul but I pretty much only buy things on sale, unless, I HAVE to have it.. oh I probably shouldn't even have said that!  I HAVE to have a lot. Oh well, enjoy!

First up, Target!  How cute is this Globe?  I was walking out of the store and saw this in the Office Supply aisle.  Because who can leave Target without checking out the Office Supply aisle?!

Globes are hard to find now so I knew I couldn't even think twice on this one!

Next up is Hobby Lobby.

I bought these little mini lamp shades for a future project.  They were originally $3.99 but were on sale for 50% off! PERFECT!

Love this fabric!

I LOVE fleur-de-lis and animal print.  Clearance, SCORE!!!  This is for a future project as well.

A while back I had eyed a really pretty set of blocks for a calendar.  It was $50 and I really wasn't too excited to spend that much.  It was really big too.  I have a calendar in the kitchen so I didn't really need another.  BUT when I saw this wood calendar blocks set, it was PERFECT!! Everyone in the house is always wondering what the date is. This was perfect, my colors, $11.99 and I used a 40% coupon on it.  It HAD to come home with me.  The kids have been trading off switching the dates.  Originally I had wanted to put it on my desk but figured I would put it somewhere that we could all see it.  Now we know what the date is!

Next up, Kohl's.  Future Project!  hehe, I can't wait!  I had seen these all over the place a few months ago.  I LOVED it but didn't buy it because I figured I wouldn't have a spot for it in the house.  With this new project I am working on, I do.  I started obsessing over wanting to find it.  I checked everywhere and couldn't find it.  My heart was broken, then I thought, Kohls! I scored big time!  It was 50% off!

Last but certainly not least, my BEAUTIFUL, Emily Ley Simplified Journal.  If you haven't seen this, please check out her website rather than go by my photos.  It is BEAUTIFUL! I am absolutely in love with this journal.

I absolutely love her quote, "I will hold myself to a standard of Grace not perfection"

The inside cover.

I'm too scared to write my name!  I don't want to mess it up.

The journal layout.  No pre-dated pages.  That makes it nice to not feel pressured in writing everyday.

Brain dump, for all those things that never go away.

I just love the layout.  A spot to journal, Today I feel, This went well today and This was challenging today.

And in case you missed my post on my new thirty-one bags, you can go here to check them out.

I hope you enjoyed my little shopping spree.  Next week I'll be posting some finds from San Diego!! Woot Woot, I am so excited for that!

*DISCLAIMER - I did NOT receive anything free, all these opinions are my own, and I bought them myself. :)


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