Monday, June 30, 2014

Yay for Make it Mondays!!

A while back, a long while back   Once upon a time a long time ago, a mommy decided she wanted to start a blog.  Little did she realize how much work it was going to be.  Instead of pushing through she got lazy!

Haha okay okay in all seriousness one of the reasons I started this blog was because I just wanted a spot to be accountable.  I was making bows, a ton of bows and I thought it would be fun to share.  Then I decided to open an etsy shop and got lazy again.

So now that we are moved in to the new house, I know I keep mentioning that but it truly can be a blessing in disguise, I'm back at it.

So Make it Monday will feature any new bows I have made for that week.  If I don't have any, I won't post Make it Monday.

So here's to Make it Monday and a fun celebration of Christmas in July!

I was really debating on Christmas in July, but before we know it, Christmas will be here in a flash.  Here are some bows I had last year in my etsy shop.  If you weren't around last year, they'll be new.  If you were around and remember, you'll see they are at a new price, lets call it a sale!  Hope you enjoy!

All the details of these bows are listed on my etsy page...

Super cute Rudolphette ;)

Trendy owl

Santa in all his marabou puff glory

Soft snow girl with light pink detail.

Gingerbread girl

Thanks for stopping by.

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