Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giveaway Time!!

YAYYYY so exciting!!! I would like to announce the first giveaway that I am involved in.  I wanted to share the details just in case you are interested.  Enjoy!

@SewMuchCrafting has reached 2000+ followers, and as promised, we have a SWEET giveaway for you lovelies!  I've teamed up with @ErinCondren, @BKissesLove and @TMKK2001 to giveaway TWO prizes!  One winner will receive a $50.00 gift card and a $10.00 Target gift card; one winner will receive a $50.00 gift card and small beauty set!! How fun is that?

Here are the rules:
-Follow your giveaway hosts on Instagram:
-Like Erin Condren on Facebook
-Repost this picture and tag @SewMuchCrafting and #SewMuchCrafting2000Giveaway!
-Open to US residents only

Open until 11:00 a.m. {PST} on 08.06.14!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Back To School Bows!

Yay, I am so excited to have gotten some Back To School ribbon in my hot little hands.  These bows will be listed on ETSY later on today!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Fabulous San Diego Finds

So by now you know I live in the boonies so shopping is kind of non existent. Well it does exist but it's not very great!  So after saving for a LONG time, I was able to splurge on our vacation.  We didn't pay for hotel or food, unless we went out.  By no means am I posting my finds to brag or say "look what I have".  I am a great shopper.  My friends are always asking me where I get stuff.  I really should be a personal shopper.  I'm pretty sure in my past life I was.  If this isn't your favorite thing to read please feel free to skip it but come back for the other stuff because chances are, stuff from Fabulous Finds Friday will be featured in the blog somewhere at some time.

While making a shopping trip to Target (because you know we ALL have to go in to a Target while on vacation) I found this cool Pinterest sign on one of the rugs my mom was looking at.  I thought it was one of the coolest things I've seen.  If you have seen it for a while then forgive me, in the country we don't keep up with California times ;)

One of our stops was The Container Store.  We don't have one close to where we live, in VA, so I had to stop at the one near me and my moms favorite mall in San Diego. I wanted to see and feel the stuff I have been eyeing online.  It's much better to see stuff in person. My mom was not happy with me after we left the store because she loved it.

While looking around the store I found these beautiful boxes.  A set of two for $19.99.  I ordered from the store.  They'll be delivered tomorrow!! I'm so excited!

They come in all different colors.  I chose the green!

At Michaels these mini Project Life kits were on clearance for $1.49 so I grabbed one of each.  I have a lot of catching up to do on Project Life.

My mom and I stopped at the Outlets in San Diego.  We stopped by a store called Papaya.  My mom bought me a few birthday treats.  One of them are my new favorite necklace and bracelet!  The picture doesn't do them justice.

And this super cute top, $13.99!

I am by no means a make-up expert.  Not even close.  I pretty much wear the same colors all the time.  I have recently discovered a make up guru named Tiffany D  on YouTube thanks to my friend Elda.   I'm officially obsessed.  Anyway so now that I am watching a bunch of people on YouTube, I am wanting to branch out in make-up a little more.  Being a stay at home mom makes it a little hard to get all dolled up to wash the dishes.  Yeah, I like sweats when I'm home.  

So somewhere on Pinterest, I'm sure I saw this make-up palette and fell in love.  I wasn't really sure where to get it and of course walking through Macy's I found it!  The Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay

Isn't she pretty?!

Going in the make up theme, I grabbed this beauty at ULTA.  The color is BESO by Urban Decay.  I very rarely buy myself make-up so this was a super surprise on my end to actually buy it.  I'm glad I did because I am loving both items.

Back to Macy's, while shopping we couldn't resist the shoe sale they were having!  I got these beauties for $24!!  There was a sale on top of a sale on top of a sale.  Couldn't say no!

Then off to Forever 21, because I always have to go in there.  I found these super cute nail stickers.  $1.80.

Remember when my hubby and kiddos went to Sea World without me?  I was feeling SUPER guilty about not going.  All I could think of was that I was missing out on their excitement.  I've been with them everywhere and I was on the verge of tears.  My mom helped me by saying that my hubby misses out on a lot because of being gone all the time.  She also said that they need their time with their daddy and she was right.  I spent that time packing up all our stuff.  Our flight was the next day.  When they came home I was so excited to scoop them up and give them kisses and find out all about their day.  

They kept telling me about a video I needed to watch.  So they pull out this video of them picking out a pearl.  Kailey said that she was told to pick out the oldest, dirtiest oyster she could find.  So she did! And she hit the jackpot!  In the oyster was a BEAUTIFUL silver/bluish pearl.  My hubby thought that the lady was saying it was rare because that was part of the sales pitch but then she called everyone around to come look.  For every 100 oysters there's about 7 that are the silver/bluish color.  They hadn't seen one all day until they opened up Kaileys choice.  

With this beautiful pearl my sweet husband decided to have it put on a necklace for me.  The picture doesn't do it justice but it has a small little diamond and it's a beautiful white gold.  When I saw that part of the video I cried.  That was the cue to bring out the necklace.  This is definitely not a normal everyday thing.  Now I have a necklace that has a beautiful story.

(I will never be a jewelry photographer ha!)

The biggest splurge of all, my new Chanel sunglasses!  I know I know but I'm okay with it.  I will probably never buy another pair, unless they break or damage.  They were a partial gift from my mom and my hubby.  I'm telling you spoiled right here!

One of the greatest gifts I got was from my cousin Valerie.  She surprised me with a gift the morning of my birthday.  I am so super excited about these earrings.  They are now my "Go To" everyday earrings.  My mom always told me never to leave the house without earrings and it always kind of stuck. I love the simplicity of them and the Fabulousness of these (is that even a word?)

I hope you enjoyed my splurge shopping in San Diego.  Like I said these would not be normal purchases.  I got some beautiful new gifts, something for the house and for crafting and some pretties for me and my wardrobe.  

Until next time,

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Introducing: What I made from Pinterest Wednesday- First Edition

Whoah!! Sounds all serious doesn't it? HAHA well you know sometimes I want to sound all Professional.  HA who am I kidding, no one here!  

Well I'm sure, along with half of the female population, I am addicted to Pinterest.  I think I have something like, 23,000+ pins.  I've probably only "done" about 100.  I know, who am I kidding, like I'll EVER even get through half of them.  But I will say it has seriously inspired this mama to try new things.  

One of the things that I am not good at is cooking.  I really don't know how the hubby has survived, going on 13 years, with my cooking.  I'm not good at whipping meals together.  I am trying my hardest to remedy this situation but it's not easy.  I make fun of myself all the time because it makes me laugh.  I am a pretty good baker only because I HAVE to follow the directions, step by step!  But even then I can mess things up really bad, like this recipe I made this week.

I am trying to make one new recipe a week from Pinterest and this mama needs to be cooking for my growing family.  Don't get too excited this baby making factory is CLOSED but the kiddos are still growing and that's what is important.  

If you're ever curious about what recipes I'm working on weekly, come follow my Food - This weeks menu board on Pinterest.  So here is what I made last night.  It's called One Pot Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil.  The original recipe comes from Girl Versus Dough so if you are looking for tips you might want to check out her site.

The ingredients for this recipe are simple:
*1 box (13.25 oz) Dreamfields angel hair pasta
*1 container (10.5 oz) grape tomatoes, halved
*2 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon minced garlic
*1 small yellow onion, thinly sliced
*2 basil leaves, plus more torn leaves for topping
*5 cups water
*Salt and pepper, to taste
*Shredded Parmesan cheese for topping


I'm pretty sure I get anxious when I start to cook.  I read that recipe over and over and didn't see that it had a specific amount of water.  So what did I do, what I do best, added a bunch of water like I would spaghetti.  Yeah messed up the water, how bad is that?!  So hubby, thankfully he is so understanding, told me to just dump it out and start over.  So that's what I did.

Look how pretty it is in the pot.

1. In a large saucepan, combine pasta (noodles broken in half to fit in pan, if necessary), tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onion, basil leaves, water and salt and pepper to taste.
2.  Bring to a boil over high heat and cook, stirring often, 10 minutes until pasta is al dente and water is almost fully evaporated (there may be about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of water left when the noodles are done; this OK, as it will soak in as the pasta cools).
3. Season Pasta with more salt and pepper, if needed, then divide among serving bowls.  Top with extra torn basil leaves and shredded Parmesan chesse.

This is at the boiling stage

And here is the finished product

It was OK, it was very bland.  I thought with all that onion and garlic this would be DELICIOUS.  I don't think I added enough garlic.  I had so many comments on my Facebook page asking about what I was making and a few friends that said they had made it too.  Some added Kielbasa and another added smoked sausage.  

I love myself any kind of Pasta because I know 99% of the time I won't mess it up but my family needs some meat.  I think adding some sort of sausage would have made a difference with this meal.  Friends suggested adding more garlic, or changing the water to chicken broth.  Also just simply adding more basil.  

We had so much left over today that we had it again for dinner, I'm all about using up leftovers.  My husband added some garlic salt and more Parmesan and he liked it. 

I wouldn't say this recipe was a complete fail, maybe I'm thinking fail because I messed up so bad right off the start.  For now, I'm going to go ahead and add it to the "try again" pile.  What would you change or add to this recipe to make it less bland?  What kind of side would you serve with it.

Until next time, 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

San Diego Vacation Part 3

This is the last part of our vacation.  I took way too many pictures to even share but I thought I would share my most favorite.  Look out for Friday because I will be posting my "Fabulous Finds" from San Diego.  Just my favorites because there is too much to share.  

The kids ended up being in the pool one day the entire time my mom and I were gone shopping.  They were little raisins by the time we got back.

I was trying to find a Kleenex from my moms nightstand and this is what I found.  ALL in a box so I surprised her when she got out of the shower.  She tried defending herself by saying some were old, but my argument was, "Then why do you have them?!"

My mom was looking for something and she found my veil from my wedding dress.  Kailey was too excited to try it on.

A super sweet surprise that I HAD to share!

And my brother, of course, making silly faces in the background.

A couple of my cousins came down to visit for the weekend.  Neither had been shooting before so Tony took them for their first time.  I did not participate, the noise terrifies me!

My sweet Valerie

She had a blast.  Tony is a great teacher.

After shooting we had to add an activity that both girls could enjoy.  A short trip to Fashion Valley Mall.  That place never gets old for me!

We decided to go out Saturday night.  We went to the Gaslamp district.  We left late and had a hard time finding parking.  Needless to say, it wasn't the best time but I COMPLETELY enjoyed sharing it with my cousins.

Nice faces guys!

Nice face sweetie!

My little brother and I

Sunday was my birthday.  The last time I actually celebrated was a few years ago with my friends.  My mom surprised me with my favorite cake in the morning.  I cried!  As mothers we tend to put ourselves on the back burner.  Next year, I will buy myself a cake!

Nana spoiled Kyle with his very own steak.  You can see the excitement in his face.

Took a birthday moment with my little loves.

This is Valerie and Kailey.  This picture could have literally been taken 13 years ago of Valerie and I. It's so cute to see the connection continue.

A super SWEET surprise from Valerie.  My new favorite "GO TO" earrings.

Tony asked for it and Tony got spoiled by Nana.  Lengua for dinner.  If you don't want to know what it is, please continue to go passed the picture....................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................Cow tongue.  I know I know sounds horrible but it is DELICIOUS!

And their off.  I was so sad to see them go but I was soooo happy and thankful for them coming down to spend the weekend with us.

While out shopping with Nana, Kailey picked out a super cute KIPLING purse.  She has had it on EVERYDAY since we have been home.

Super sweet Kyle and his Nana

I told Kailey to wait where she was.  Nana had a surprise for her.  You can see she was very curious as to what was going on. (There are home renovations going on in the house.  That's why there is a random piece of wood)

Here she comes, Maleficent!

My mom dressed up as Maleficent one year for Halloween.  She MADE this costume herself.  Super talented mommy going on right here!  I would have just put the costume on but not my mom.  She did the eyebrows and some quick makeup.

I went downstairs for a minute and when I returned, THIS is what I found.  A mini Maleficent.

We were going to go to Sea World on Friday, the same week we went to LEGOLAND and Disneyland but two parks in one week wore us out.  Friday night, Tony and I went to see The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  It was nice to get out, just the two of us.

So Monday morning of the week we were leaving, Tony braved Sea World on his own.  I stayed home so I could get all of our bags packed, we left the next day.  Stay tuned for Friday when I share a super sweet surprise that came home with them.

On Monday night I heard Kyle saying "this is my home, I'm not going anywhere!"  I found him here. (again, home improvements going on everywhere.  My mom would want me to make sure I said that :)   )

Monday morning Kailey woke up crying because she didn't want to leave.  My mom and dad took them to a doughnut shop while Tony and I got everything ready to go.  My mom said Kailey was so sad in the car that it made her cry.  Our flight ended up getting delayed so there was time for one more make-up session.

Kailey the make up artist.  She was so focused and did a really great job!

We had such a fun time on our vacation.  It really just went by too fast.  It is nice to be home in our own beds but NOTHING compares to spending time with my family.  My mom spoils us all with her cooking and her love.  Anything we want, we have it.  I hope to be just like my mom when I grow up.  I have a LOOOONG ways to go but she is the BEST!  

If you don't follow me on Instagram come check me out at TMKK2001 or follow me on Facebook.  I update these pretty regularly with some fun stuff that won't be posted here :)

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