Tuesday, July 1, 2014

For the Love of an Errand Planner

Who would have known that my errand planner would have been such a big hit?!  I had NOOO idea! I was brave enough to enter my post to A Bowl Full of Lemons link party.  Little did I know that my post would be read, let alone featured!  A couple of days after I was featured, my little blog had over 2,000 hits on that one post.  I was beyond excited and completely honored to have been featured on such an AMAZING blog.  

There's something so personal about a planner that I think makes it very interesting for people to look at.  Lots of people find it very personal and TONS of people love to share what they have done to their planners.  There truly is a community of planner lovers out there and I am DEFINITELY a part of it.  In fact, I have met a group of super great ladies that live out in Mayberry ;) somewhere, our one thing in common, planners.  It has grown beyond that at this point but that's where it started.

I received a ton of questions and messages about my planner.  I was so super excited to read such sweet compliments.  I received a super sweet email from Belinda, she was excited about the post and got right to putting one together for herself.  She explained that the pictures weren't the best, she was at work.  All I saw was a beautiful planner!

 With her permission, I am going to share her planner with you.

The first thing I saw was this beauty!  I LOVE how she used different colors discs rather than go with black, which is what I would have done.  She said, "I used vinyl letters for the cover that I got at Hobby Lobby a long time ago, I have been wanting to use them on a planner cover, but could not find a planner that was really working for me until now.  I just love that Staples now has the different color disks." Hmmm now I'm thinking I might need a new cover.

Belinda said, "I am still working on filling it out, and getting the menu planner pages and grocery shopping pages done"

Looks like we have the same love of pens, and I spy with my little eye a super duper cute Erin Condren piece on her desk!  If you haven't heard of Erin Condren and love planners and home organizing with papers, definitely check out her website!  There's a whole community of Facebook dedicated to just the Erin Condren planners.

She is definitely utilizing this planner very similar, which is VERY flattering to me!  And I must say I'm loving all of the zebra print!

Belinda continued with the flattery, "Thank you again for such an amazing idea, it is already helping me so very much. I have been trying different things for years now, and have toyed with way too many planners, this is perfect."
When I asked Belinda if I could feature her planner on my blog she said she would be "honored" but let me say that I am the one that is truly honored.  

When you have a love for something and keep it to yourself, sometimes you miss out on meeting some really great people.  My close friends think I'm crazy because I am obsessed with planners.  Like Belinda, I have toyed with too many planners.  But this one, this one I got right!   
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