Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Add Functional Decor to an Empty Coffee Table

When we first moved in to the new house we really weren't sure how we were going to arrange our furniture.  When we finally arranged everything, we had a huge open space in between the entertainment center and the couch.  We kept going back and forth on whether or not we were going to put some kind of table or ottoman in the middle.  This space is so small we didn't want it to close off the room.

After having everything arranged for about one month, we knew we needed something.  So I decided since there was a few things I still needed from IKEA, why not go look for a table too. My hubby decided to go with me.  I was super excited but nervous that he would hate everything in there.  (The last time he was in an IKEA was before we got married and he hated it.)  I guess after putting together one of the pieces I brought home from my previous two trips, he changed his mind and was pretty impressed with the quality of the furniture.  I really think he secretly wanted to go, hehehe.

So while we were there, HE was the one that found the piece de resistance!  Our NEW coffee table!  The LACK for $19.99.  He said, for the price we couldn't go wrong so I went with it.

I couldn't be happier with the choice.  I'm glad we got something instead of leaving this space empty.  Speaking of empty, this table has been empty for about two months.  It was time for me to do something about it.

The one thing that never failed on this table was the remotes.  First it drives me crazy that we have to have this many remotes to watch TV.  Second if you leave it empty clutter accumulates.

On the top of our entertainment center I had two baskets of some craft supplies for the kids.  I thought it might be a good idea to bring these down to the kids level for a change

One basket has Rainbow Loom and the other craft paper, stickers and paint.  It's not getting used way up on top of the entertainment center. 

The baskets fit PERFECT on the little shelf

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I found this super cute tray in the perfect size.

It was PERFECT for all the remotes

I love to read People magazine and US Weekly.  These are the latest issues that I have.  I just put them on the table until I get the next magazine that catches my eye.

And there it is...DONE!  

It's not much but it's FUNCTIONAL.  I'm thinking of adding some sort of floral piece but haven't quite found the right piece yet.  For now this completely works.  Since I have put the craft baskets at a level where the kids can reach, my daughter has made a card and made about ten Rainbow Loom bracelets.  For now FUNCTION trumps pretty but this meets both needs and it makes me smile.  No more empty table.

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