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Say Something Sunday & Our San Diego Vacation Part 2 Legoland and Disneyland

I love quotes!  I am inspired by them daily.  I love to post a quote up around the house weekly because they inspire me so much.  I even have a board dedicated to them on Pinterest.  So each week I will post a special quote here, I hope they inspire you as well.

Our first amusement park trip was the first Monday we were there.  We were so excited to go to LEGOLAND.  The first time for all of us.  Kyle LOVES LEGO so he was just beyond excited to go.  

Kailey posing with the LEGO FRIENDS.  She pretty much matches the blonde.  (These were stand still LEGO, a picture spot)

First thing Kyle asked for when we walked in, a map.  He LOVES to look at maps, so much so that we didn't get to see it.

First ride we went on was a little boat ride where we got to see mini LEGO designs.

They had these "sculptures" everywhere.  The kids loved them.

Kailey trying to help out.

This was one of the coolest sculptures I saw.

Kailey had a blast on this ride with Nana while Kyle and Daddy had a ball fight in a nearby attraction.

Had to get a picture of the spider because Kailey LOVES her bugs!

Panning for gold.  I had a "moment" and thought "No way!!!", yeah that's me!

It was hot outside.  Kyle didn't use the pan, he used his hands to go through the dirt!

Kyles gold

We found a spot to pick as many rocks as you can fit in a bag for $5.  Kailey and rocks go hand in hand.  I always find rocks in her backpack and anything with pockets in the laundry.

LEGO guy

It's so hard to tell but this was a walking, moving LEGO guy.

The coolest "ride" of them all.  The kids were able to "drive" their own cars, complete with STOP signs and light signals.

At the end they received a paper License.

There was a "The LEGO Movie" display.  The kids took full advantage in front of the movie sign. (Not sure what the karate poses are for?!)

This was the actual set from the movie.  It was brought down from Hollywood and will be in LEGOLAND California for the next five months. 

The kids posing with Lord Business

My beautiful mommy and I

Kyle and I.  Poor thing needed sunglasses.  We ended up buying him a hat.

Storybook land ride.

Of all the soda drinks I could find please tell me why the drink staring at me was this coke?!  Tony grabbed it out of the refrigerator and took a big drink.  That's me, being sad, that it wasn't me that drank it!

Kyle attempted the palm tree climb.

Me and my sweetie

Not sure what's going on here.

Smelled these at the end of the day.  It took me about five minutes to find them.


My life, right here.

I guess you can't go to LEGOLAND without buying a LEGO set.  As soon as we walked in the door, Kyle started on his set.

Wednesday came and it was Disneyland time.  We were exhausted at LEGOLAND so I came up with a genius plan.  Papas and Daddy go golfing for the day and Uncle Mikey come with us to Disneyland.  Seemed to work out really well for everyone.

The car ride on the way to Disneyland.  The kids had a blast with Uncle Mikey in the backseat.

Same silly face.

Walking to the tram from the parking lot.  We are almost there!

There is the famous castle.  

Peter Pan!

Waiting for our first ride.

This boy... so cute!

This face is PRICELESS!

Stop for a family photo.

Waiting in line for A Small World with their new Disney ears.

Riding with Uncle Mikey.

My handsome brother and beautiful mommy!

There's never a normal smile from my brother (he is flaring his nostrils in this picture in case it looks normal), I think it might be genetic because Kailey has been pulling that a lot lately.

Thank goodness for Uncle Mikey this mommy and Nana could not possibly get on the tea cups.

Waiting in line, I caught this super sweet moment.  These moments between them are not hard to find, they happen very often.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Nana and Kailey went to search for snakes while Kyle, Uncle Mikey and I went to ride Indiana Jones

Kyle cried right before we went on the ride and I tried my hardest to calm him down so we could ride it.  He made it through great.  This was him holding on for dear life AFTER the ride was done.

Even though he was super scared, I think he was excited that he could say he rode it.

Just a super sweet pair!

Kyle is just the sweetest little boy, he is soooo much fun too.  He heard parade music and danced through the streets.

I bought the kids their first Disney lanyards for trading pins.  We won't participate with trading only because we are collecting.  Kailey chose the villains lanyard and HAD to have a Maleficent pin.  We searched every place that had pins and finally found one.  She was CLEARLY happy about the find.

If you look REALLY close you can see Maleficent.


On our way out we spotted Mickey Mouse.  We don't have an autograph of Mickey so we got in line. As soon as we got in line, he was leaving.

I should say he was trying to leave but everyone tried to get a photo as he walked away.  Kailey photo bombed someones family portrait.  She even smiled at THEIR camera.  We were cracking up because it was so funny.  Sorry family that has my daughter in your photo.

We were able to get our own photo!  No autograph but a photo will work.

The kiddos in the front of the park on our way out.

The kiddos and I.

With Nana.

And Uncle Mikey

Park hopper tickets.  Off to California Adventure so my brother and I could ride the Haunted Hotel.

We were a little let down by Legoland.  The attractions and rides all had spiderwebs and broken Lego pieces and trash throughout the park.  Lots of the plants and flowers were dead and it felt like they tried to get money from you where ever you went.  It seemed like there were more stores than attractions.  Bathrooms were hard to find and so were the snack and drink stations.  As adults we notice these things but I have to say that the kids had a blast.  Next time we will avoid the park and go to the Water park and Aquarium.

Disneyland never disappoints. You will rarely find a dead plant at Disney, you will always find a person walking around the park picking up trash, that is their only purpose.  Bathrooms are easy to find and there are snack and drink stands everywhere.  I've been going to Disneyland my entire life.  When I was little we lived 15 minutes from there so it was an easy trip.  I have seen that park so many times but it never gets old.  I now can enjoy it through my kids eyes and that's even more special than seeing it for the first time in my eyes.

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