Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sprinkled All WRONG!

Whew, I am finally able to get back on and share some posts.  I got really really busy the last couple of weeks which was great but I had a hard time balancing my time.  Things have slowed down a little and the kids are on their last week of vacation before school starts back up and that means craziness in the House of Sherrard.

One of the biggest issues that never seems to go away, is the paper clutter going on in the house.  I can't even stand it.  For the most part I tend to have it under control but that's only because I deal with paper as it comes in.  All these pictures your about to see are paper from this Summer.

At the beginning of the Summer while I was setting up my desk area, I went through my paper files, oh yeah, you know those papers that you used to print out before Pinterest ever existed, yeah those files.  I went through all the printables that I have printed out over the last couple of years and PURGED!  It felt so good because I had some papers that I had no idea why I even had them.

I went through them, separated them by categories, looked them up and for some I found the original on Pinterest and just pinned it.  The rest went back in to my file.

If you follow me on Instagram you can see that I'm always posting silly things that bother me around the house.

This is one of those pictures!  I had FOUR separate piles of paper in different spots in the house!

Get it together Michelle!!!  OMG seriously I am soooo annoyed.  This is last nights pile!  I mean I walked through this tiny little house and I had random stuff everywhere!  See that deodorant?  Clearly it wasn't in the bathroom.  I have deodorant issues, that's a whole other post!

One of the things that has recently helped me in my struggle with paper and planners, is a nice old fashioned "To - Do" list.  I bought a pretty little notebook and started to right down things that needed to get done.

I had so much to do the other day that instead of writing it in my errand planner, I opted for my list.

While going through all my piles of papers I discovered that I had lots of notes here and there.  I am so good at writing notes that I know I wrote it down somewhere but can't figure out where.  Hehe.  As I was cleaning up paper and writing things in my To - Do notebook, I noticed that I was writing notes in there too.  So to fix that problem I found another notebook and now have ONE for strictly To Do's and the other for random notes.  I love Post-it notes but not when they end up in one of my crazy piles!

One of the bad habits that is contributing to these consistent piles of papers is not having a consistent routine with paper.  As I get mail, deal with it, throw it away, file it, shred it.  

This summer has been the laziest summer I think I have ever had.  We had a great vacation but then had to take a couple weeks to recover from this vacation.  Now the kids start school next week and I don't even know what happened to the rest of the summer.  

I have been scouring the Internet and Pinterest for some ideas on how to contain these papers and I think I have found a couple of great ideas.  In the next couple of weeks I will be sharing a couple different systems that I am going to try.  Hmmm Maybe my First Series?  We'll see how it goes.  I think I need to figure out ROUTINE first.  The kids are starting school and extra curricular activities and that's all routine and this mama has a hard time with routine so I have to figure out what is going to work.  

What kind of paper issues are you having?  What has worked for you?

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