Thursday, September 18, 2014

And we are BACK TO SCHOOL!

Am I late or what?!  Since the kids have gone back to school I have literally been non - stop.  Ok I lied, maybe I have given myself a day or two to relax but that's it, I promise.  

We had a great summer.  We stayed up way too late every single night and slept in way too late every single day.  I got a little depressed because I felt like nothing was ever going to change.  As soon as school started, I got my mojo back.  Sometimes I do my best when I am overly busy.  It's amazing the things that still need to be done all day when the kids are gone.  Did I mention they come home every day at lunch time?

We live on a military base in Virginia.  We are lucky enough to have a school on base that they get to go to.  The classes average out to about 10 children per grade.  It goes from Pre-k - 8th.  It's pretty neat to be in such a small setting.  Because the school is so small in enrollment, they do not have a cafeteria.  Students that have parents that both work can stay at school but they have to bring a lunch. For the others, parents are lucky enough to get them home everyday. I'm one of the lucky ones.  If I ever have an appointment they can go to school with a lunch from home any time. We literally live next door to the school.  In fact, I'm looking out my window and I can see the school as I am typing this.  

I was dreading the lunch time thing, thinking my kids wouldn't want to go back to school but I have yet to hear them complain about going back.  It's nice to be able to give them a hot lunch everyday.  Thirty minutes doesn't sound like a lot but they can come home and tell me what they want and we still have time.  It goes by quick but it also gives us a little bit of time together.  #1 requested lunch, chicken nuggets, so annoying hehe.

For the passed five years we started school after Labor Day, last year poor Kailey had to start school on her birthday.  This year we started the last week of August which was kind of nice.  I have been all over Pinterest as you can imagine and found quite a few things that made for some fun Back to School excitement. 

The first thing I did was printed up a super cute questionnaire that I found for the teachers.  It asks them their birthday, favorite candy, favorite flower, etc.  You know, so when you are buying those holiday gifts, you have a little information about them that will make that process a little easier.   If you would like that Printable, you can find it here.  The second printable I found was a SUPER cute grade level printable from this new blog that I found called, A Cup Full of Sass. I'm super happy I went with these printables because I just LOVE the colors and the chalkboard look.

Last but not least, you can't go to school without an apple!  One of my very best besties, does AMAZING wood crafts.  Well not just wood crafts but crafts PERIOD!  She is a mommy of two and a half and is an AWESOME Kindergarten teacher as well.  Make sure and follow her Facebook page so you won't miss out on new goodies!  She may be a little quiet on there but when she posts her goodies, you'll be sure to want to snatch them up!

I can't believe my baby is in FOURTH grade!! He was so excited to go back.

He's just so handsome!

And our baby, baby, is in SECOND grade this year!

She's a little beauty!

Apples, ready for their teacher.

I LOVE catching them holding hands.  Too bad that car was driving by. :)

This year, Kyle will have a split class.  Fourth and Fifth grade.

And she's off to class.

They had a great first day of school.  It's been a couple weeks now and they are still loving it.  It makes sending them off to school that much easier.

Every year since they started school, I have taken a picture by a door handle so I can take one at the end of the year to see the comparison.  When they came home from school I was in a mad rush to try and figure out which door to use (since we moved).  I almost made the mistake of using the door on the inside of the porch but got a quick second of smartness and decided to do it right in front of the porch.  

Looking forward to a great new school year!

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