Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kailey's Parisian Birthday Party

DISCLAIMER (Lot's of "super" "super cute" ahead.  My vocabulary is very limited, ha!)

Oh friends, I have been one busy mama!  Right before Kailey's birthday I was struggling to get motivated to start planning her party.  I was really struggling to get party ready.  I LOVE to have parties at home.  For me it's out of convenience.  I don't have to leave the house!  I know there is clean up after but I enjoy it.
One day I got the kick in the pants that I needed.  I picked up my mail and had a super sweet surprise.  A friend sent me two Eiffel Tower necklaces and simply said "Now you have something".  I was  super surprised and super touched.  Thank you friend ;) This gave me the motivation I needed to get this party planning started.

First we picked the date, then the invitations!! OMG there's something to be absolutely loved by shopping on etsy!  I am very picky, sometimes extremely, sometimes not so much.  I had to find the PERFECT invitations and had an idea of what I wanted.  So I started searching "Paris Invitation" and guess what I found?!

O.M.G!!!!  So of course, sorry for the quality.  For some reason I didn't take a picture of the invite, so I took a screenshot of the invitation.  (The blue is just the editing).  Is this not the cutest invitation you ever did see?!  I found it on etsy from a shop called printmagic, CUTEST invitation EVER!!! 

I printed them out on white card stock paper and then mounted them on black card stock paper.  Made for a super sweet invite!

One of the things I knew I wanted to do was make paper pom poms.  I searched all over Pinterest to find  some sort of tutorial.  I found a couple but the easiest one to follow was the tutorial I found at two twenty one.  She explains it so WELL!! I was so thankful for this tutorial because I was able to follow it easy!

 I just LOVED the way it turned out.

Next thing on my list was SHOPPING!! Oh we know how much I LOVE that!  For some reason I had to go to Dollar Tree.  I think I just wanted to pick up extra napkins and paper party stuff.  HOLY MOLY I hit the MOTHER load there!!! I was like, oh and oh and oh and oh and oh!!! HEHEHEHE I mean honestly and it was all ONE DOLLAR!!! Eeeeeek!!!!

I found these super cute plastic champagne cups for ice cream.  Since I had to put the cups together, I decided to spray paint the bottoms to make them look a little FANCIER!! Do you see it, do you see how FANCY they look ?! 

I also found crepe paper and these super cute boas for ONE dollar!!!! (The black one was purchase at Hobby Lobby)  I thought it would be a cute thing to give the girls while they were in Paris ;) The one from Hobby Lobby was $7.99, I used a coupon so I got a good price but I'm still in shock that I found these super cute boas for ONE DOLLAR!!!  OMG they are so expensive everywhere.  When I checked out the employee laughed and said, "Did you buy the whole store?!"  She said they always get them around Halloween, so if you are ever looking for any, you know where to go!

For the boys, I found these super cute hats at Party City for .99!  I know they are Gangster but I tried to find berets and I just couldn't find them for a reasonable price.

One of my FAVORITE things was these SUPER CUTE cupcake toppers my friend Jennie over at A Navy Heart made. Are these not the CUTEST things EVER!!!  Make sure to check out her shop!

The pictures DO NOT do these toppers any justice.  These were the CUTEST EVER!

Without the toppers.

WITH the toppers!

A couple of the girls loved them so much they asked if they could keep them.  I saved a couple for her scrapbook.

A couple decor items that I got were from Oriental Trading Company. This super cute banner which kicked off the scheme.  

The plates and napkins were super cute as well.

These super cute Eifel Tower cups were what I used in place of goodie bags.

I made some very simple bows to add to the Eiffel towers.  I think the party favors were my favorite part!

I also made her Bow for her little birthday outfit.

Here's a few of the last details from the party.

I happened to be grocery shopping and walked by the bakery and saw this super simple cake.  I bought an Eiffel Tower key chain and added it to the cake.

Pink Gumballs!  Haha, I think I just wanted the jar, the gum balls were the excuse to make that happen!

One of the cutest things I found while searching on Pinterest for a Paris party was this super cute picture.  I don't really have drawing skills so when I saw this I HAD to have it!  Another one of my favorites!

The party was a huge hit for the kids.  They pretty much just played.  As you can see they were all super interested in seeing what kind of gifts she got.

She received a ton of great gifts, a HUGE art kit from her Grandma that has been used OVER and OVER again since she got it.  She practically squealed when she opened it. 

Her big gift this year was from her Nana.  Oh boy did we start something!  Her first designer bag!  Daddy's eyes rolled but it was ABSOLUTELY the cutest thing to hear her scream "A Michael Kors purse!!!!"  yup you read that right!! (This purse will pretty much be attached to me when she decides to take it out)

I made sure to get some cute poses of her with her outfit.  I had her shirt made for her by the super talented, Mady's Playhouse Boutique.  I made her tutu and her bow. She hasn't updated her page in a while but if you are ever interested in a shirt, message me and I can see what I can do!  I'm super bummed because her name was at the bottom of the shirt but it was tucked in too far.

As her guests arrived, I took a picture of her and her friend.  I plan on printing the pictures and putting "thank you for coming to my birthday" on it, I'm a little behind.  But like I said I have pretty much been non-stop since right before her birthday.

Here's some fun pictures of our little family.
Big Brother!

Daddy's girl!

and of course a silly picture with mommy!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed the party.  I just can't believe my baby is 7!

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