Tuesday, September 9, 2014

UPDATE: How An Errand Planner Saves My Day

I am so excited to share an updated post on my Errand Planner.  Originally I had titled it "How an Errand Planner saves my day" but really it's my shopping companion.  

When I wrote the original post, I had NO idea that it would end up being my most viewed.  As it turns out it's been my MOST POPULAR post, ten times over.  Thank you so much for taking a look.

If you saw the original post, you'll be excited to see the changes that I made.  If you haven't seen it, take a look at the original one HERE.  

I've been using my Errand Planner for a few months now.  In my original post, most of the tabs were temporary.  I wrote them in pencil because I wasn't sure what categories were going to stay. 

I pulled out the handy dandy label maker to make things a little more permanent.

As you can see the Errands and Grocery List are still there.  I ended up taking out the, Need, Family Needs and Family Wants out.  I really just didn't use them.  I kept the Paper section because you can always use a sheet of scratch paper somewhere.
After taking out the three categories, I came up with three new ones.  Inventory, Price Comparison, and Store Hours.

 Let's take a look at the Inventory tab.

I decided to make a list of all the items I have on hand in the kitchen to make the meal planning process easier.  I always get annoyed when I am meal planning and I have to get out of my chair ten times to see if I have something in the pantry.

Don't judge my inventory, this was clearly a week I needed to go shopping. hehe

These fabulous printables were found at Organized Home.  

I tried finding a blank Inventory sheet for Spices but I couldn't find anything.  So, I made my own.  Don't laugh, clearly this is not my forte!

And one for Toiletries.  Clearly I don't need anymore lotion.  For some reason I always buy it.  This way when I find a deal, I'll know if I really need it.

Next is my Price Comparison section. Because it's always good to have when you normally buy milk at Wal Mart and it's $3.99, but for some reason you couldn't make it to Wal Mart and HAD to buy at the local grocery store where it was $100!  HAHA yeah, that's what it feels like sometimes. This will make it easier to see who really has it cheaper.

This is just a simple way for me to keep track of what my most bought items cost at the stores that I shop at.  9 times out of 10 my expensive grocery store ends up being my cheapest shopping trip because of the store card, store deals and coupons.  

I just recently started this so I don't have a price comparison for my other stores, but you can get the idea of how it will work.  I only write down the regular price, not the sale price.  I need to know what the everyday price is.  That's where I will see the savings.

Next tab, Store Hours.  I told you I live in the Boonies right?!  Yeah, this is ABSOLUTELY necessary when you have to drive 45 minutes in to town.  I am NOT waisting a 45 minute drive only to find out the store I planned on visiting closed 30 minutes before.

The stores I visit the most.

Last but not least, PAPER, like I said, you can always you a piece of scratch paper somewhere.

The Grocery List section stayed the same.  I still use the same Printables because they are so stinkin cute, I just can't use anything else.

I ended up adding some new categories AND I wrote the categories in INK!!! Can you believe it?!  I was going to do labels but sometimes I just enjoy good old fashioned writing.

I ended up adding a few categories that were driving me crazy being mixed in with the others:

 Air Fresheners
Crackers & Chips
Frozen Desserts
Man Stuff

I changed the Fast Food tab to Out to Eat

First section is Fast Foods

Next page, Restaurants.

And of course Chuck E. Cheese.  I keep all the kids tickets in there too so I'm not hunting for them all over the house.

The Home tab changed to Store Coupons

First things first, Bed Bath and Beyond.  The $5 and 20% coupons in the same sleeve were driving me crazy so I simply cut some card stock and slipped it in to the plastic sleeves to divide them.

MUCH better!

The rest of the store coupons I have are separated as well.  I put the like items together to make it easy to find.

This has honestly been the best thing I have ever done.  I think I've said a million times before that I am truly always trying to find the PERFECT planner.  Ideally you want EVERYTHING in one spot but it's truly not realistic.  Breaking it down in to a specific planner has made my life a little more organized.  

I plan my grocery shopping in here, I take it with me to the grocery store so I have my list, meal plan and coupons all in one place.  If I go to the mall, I don't take the whole thing with me, I simply pull out any relevant mall coupons and/or restaurant coupons and keep the five pound planner in my car, hehe.  Yeah it weighs a bit.  

I hope you enjoyed my updated post.  I'm pretty sure I can't make this any better.  I mean there is always room for improvement but as of right now, it's PERFECT!

Until Next Time
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  1. Gosh, your planner looks like it holds a lot. I've bookmarked your site so i can study it more to see if your method would work for me. Where did you find your original inserts/printables or did you make up your own?

    1. Pippi21 here is the link to the printable I use http://www.pinterest.com/pin/152911349823559801/ I love them and use them regularly.

    2. Would love to know where you found the card holders in the front of your original post, I have this same notebook and want to keep my cards inside as well

    3. I got them at Staples, years ago. I'm not even sure they are available anymore.

  2. love it i love the coupon idea

  3. There is an app for your phone called key ring that will hold your cards making more room in your planner! I love all of your ideas.

    1. Thanks so much! Thanks for the tip. I've noticed a lot of stores will just take phone numbers so that helps. My errand planner has definitely changed so I'll have to share that update soon. Thanks again.