Friday, October 31, 2014

Fabulous Finds Friday Vol. 3


I know you don't really think I haven't shopped since I came back from San Diego.  I would TOTALLY be lying if I said I have been good and haven't shopped.  HA that'll be the day.  I have definitely gotten some good things but the month of September and October were crazy!! Here's to hoping that November is a little LESS crazy!

I've had a few friends ask me if they've missed this post, that made me realize I should probably keep up with it.  If you don't like to go out and shop, you can shop vicariously through me!  

I got these SUPER cute (uhoh, here we go again with the "SUPER CUTE") Mr. and Mrs. signs at Hobby Lobby.  They were 50% off of $5.99!  Always wait for a sale if there is something you love that they have a few of.  It seems to be that everything goes on sale, it rotates every couple of weeks.  If you don't have one near you it's worth a trip, just make sure you save your money.  This store is AMAZING!!  I'm planning on hanging these above our headboard.  I'll be honest, I've had these since August and they are still waiting to be hung.  My bad!

I got this BEAUTIFUL mirrored tray at Hobby Lobby also.  Again, it was on sale!

I was cruising through the Wal Mart aisles, you know you do it too, and found this SUPER CUTE, haha, basket in the floral aisle.  I think it was something like $4.97 but not on sale, Wal Mart needs to have sales on this kind of stuff.  I think it would make for some good business. {UH OH while I was searching for this basket I think I hit the mother load!! Check out these cute baskets!}

While shopping for groceries LOL, I stopped by the Christmas ornaments.  I fell in LOVE with this cute crown.  I love crowns.  After all I am a princess so I had to have it! $1.97!  I got more than one hehe

And last but certainly not least, THIS amazing contraption!! You know those fruit flies you have all over the place?  Yeah we even have them in the bathroom, that I don't get!  Well, my friend told me about these traps.  I was skeptical at first because we have tried a bunch of stuff and they never go away.  I feel like the house is dirty when I see these darn things.  Well technically right now it is, so don't stop by ;)  They are at Wal Mart found in the aisle where the Roach spray and Ant spray and all that fun stuff is.  They are $5.88, a little pricey, but they WORK.  I think everyone in the house has sat and watched the flies gather.  There have been 12 at one time just sitting on it.  Right now we don't have many at all.  I think this is finally getting rid of them.  Just put them where ever it is that they like to "hang" out and you'll see them gather for a social event!  Next thing you know, they're gone!

Hope you liked this edition of Fabulous Finds Friday.

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