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Notebook Dividers: How To Use Them With Plastic Sleeves

EEEEEEeeek Day 3 of Alex Beadon's Feel Good Blogging Challenge!  I can't believe I actually kept going with this.  I am SUCH a procrastinator and really bad at follow-through.  This has been a SUPER great challenge for me and has got the writing juices flowing.  I should be on Day 4 but I decided to take Sunday and clean my house from top to bottom so I could focus on blog posts and getting ready for a craft show this weekend.  I'm so nervous for both!

So without further ado, I bring to you today's Feel Good Blogging Challenge; A Tutorial!

When I posted my Errand Planner, I had NOOOO idea of how much positive feedback I would get.  I use this everyday and just thought I would share it. Little did I know that it would help a ton of people out and inspire them to make their own!

In my planner I use dividers and plastic sleeves.  Anyone that has tried to do this, I'm sure realizes that the plastic sleeves ALWAYS go passed the dividers.  Super annoying!!!  If you're not sure what I'm talking about, take a look.

At the very front of my planner you can see that the dividers are very much visible.  The first row of dividers is definitely lower than the back.  

In the first row of dividers, I use only paper, no plastic sleeves.

In the second row of tabs, I use the plastic sleeves to put coupons in.  You can see at the bottom that there is a divider behind it that you can still see.

Here's an example of what the plastic sleeves would look like BEFORE my little trick.  You can see that the first row tabs are now hidden because of the plastic sleeve sticking out.

These are both the same dividers.  To the left is from the first row of dividers, to the right the second row.  Let me show you how I did this.

Take one empty plastic sleeve.

I cut the sleeve on the side that the divider would be (not the part that is connected to the notebook).  Cut it as far down as your tab needs to go.

You can see I didn't cut all the way down to the bottom.  Just to where the tab will need to be.

Insert the divider in to the plastic sleeve.

Now I'll pick out some washi tape to make the divider pretty.

Now insert the tabbed divider in to the plastic sleeve.

You can see where I washi'd on the left side, that it covers up the part of the divider that would go in to the notebook. It's definitely there just so it's easier on the eye when you are flipping through your categories.

Now to the right side.  I take the washi tape and start from the divider and go up.  I only place half of the tape on.

Cut it at the top.

Then fold it over to the back side.

VOILA!! Pretty dividers and you can still put those plastic sleeves behind them and your divider tabs won't get lost!

Oh do I hope that made sense!  I used to do this before I discovered the ARC!  I LOVE plastic sleeves!  This is a simple way for you to use dividers and be able to see passed those pesky plastic sleeves!

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