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Why I Quit Soda and Celebrated with a Cherry Pepsi

You heard me correctly!  For those of you soda drinkers, you probably think I'm crazy.  I'm close to it but not quite there ;)

Today I'm going to get a little personal. 

I would say that I am generally a healthy person.  The only scary health issue that I have experienced was when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while pregnant with my daughter. The Doctors assured me that it would be gone when she was born.  When I was diagnosed, I was given insulin.  I had to give myself a shot in the stomach everyday.  I had to test my sugar all day.  It was a scary thing.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I got a new Doctor and she switched me to pills.  That was such a relief!

Right in the middle of my pregnancy, I remember shopping with my little guy, he was 2 1/2 at the time.  We were in Michael's and I remember I got hit with a dizzy spell and felt like the entire store went sideways.  I literally felt like I was going to pass out.  Luckily there was a Target right next door so we walked over there quickly.  I bought a hot dog, soda, chips and a snickers bar.  I can still see myself sitting there eating it.  Thankfully I was OK.  Now I know a glass of orange juice would have fixed the problem. 

My mornings were always awful.  For breakfast I could only eat toast and about 1 cup of milk because my sugar was way too high in the mornings. I ended up needing to be induced one week early because with Gestational Diabetes comes the chance of a big baby.  Kailey was only 6 pounds.  It was a good weight for having Gestational Diabetes.  When I checked in, they said no eating until we were all done.    Lucky for me, Kailey was born around breakfast time.  Breakfast had just been served and it wasn't quite lunch time.  They tested my sugar and I was back to normal.  I had TWO plates of breakfast and it was probably the best breakfast I have ever eaten!

About one week after she was born, I was back in the hospital with a serious case of Gallstones.  Yup had my Gallbladder removed.  That was scary.  From what my Doctors said, it's common with second pregnancies.  (That's funny, I had NEVER heard that before)

So back to me saying I am generally a healthy person.  The one thing that Doctors told me, was IF I were to get pregnant again the Gestational Diabetes would come back and most likely stay after delivering. They also said, if I didn't start taking care of myself I would probably get Diabetes in the next 10 years!

Whoah!!! It's been 7!  I am not doing so hot!  I was pretty much able to eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted without worrying about my weight, my entire life.  That all changed once I had my little man.  Fast forward 10 years; after having kids, I am at the heaviest and most uncomfortable I have ever been.  

About one year and a half ago, I was feeling really run down, tired, winded, just out of shape really! On several attempts to cut down on the soda, I would get really bad headaches, caffeine withdraw.  I made an appointment with my Doctor and she pretty much told me if I quit drinking soda and walked 30 minutes a day, I would lose five pounds.  I was only drinking one soda a day, not ten, just one sometimes 2-3.  I decided to listen to the Doctor and it worked!  I stopped drinking soda and started walking everyday and I think I lost about 10 pounds total.  Then I got back on the soda...  Never a good thing.  

OK, I wouldn't say I was addicted to soda BUT, when you don't drink soda for one day and end up having a migraine the next I'm pretty sure it's related.  One of my best friends and I would drop the kiddos off at school and go to McDonald's drive through to get a Coke.  Then go to Target to do some serious shopping and when we were finished we would go to Sonic for a Cherry coke! MMM doesn't it sound delicious?  I was never a coffee drinker, Coke/Pepsi was my morning coffee.

I have tried to quit drinking soda so many times.  

March 2009 (one of my attempts at quitting soda) FAIL!!!! I'm not even sure how long it had been since I had a soda but my mom was visiting and I just can't eat her food without a soda because it tastes SOOOO good with her cooking and yummy Mexican food.  At an attempt to drink LESS soda,  I said I would only drink the small cans...

My first Pepsi after a "I quit soda!"

Ugh, now I want Mexican food!!!!

I need to quit sweets, fast food, junk food, soda and sweets.  Ha ha I know I said sweets twice!   Soda is something I HAD to have daily.  I HAD to have it.  If I didn't I was miserable.  We always had soda in the house, it was always on the grocery list.  If we ran out, nine times out of ten, I would go out and buy it.  One day I said that's it!  I QUIT SODA!!! and guess what, I did it!!  The first two weeks were soooo hard.  I had a migraine for one week.  After two weeks I was good.  

It is the weirdest thing what something can do to you.  After a couple months went by I really got used to it.  I would crave it every once in a while and when I got stressed, I wanted soda.  HOW WEIRD?!  I noticed I wasn't as winded as much, my migraines weren't as bad (although they did get worse but it ended up not being soda related).  I generally felt better, I wasn't gassy, bloated, just felt better.

Fast forward to this summer.  When I knew we would be going to California for vacation, I started to worry.  All that YUMMY Mexican food and no soda?  I started coming up with excuses to allow myself to drink it.  

First dinner in San Diego with my parents was at Hooters.  I thought, I'm just going to order a coke.  I'm glad I said that out loud because Kyle gave it to me.  He said "YOU are NOT drinking coke!"  Yup that's him lecturing me!

Thank you coke for coming out with "Share a Coke with..." this summer.  While at Legoland, it was HOT!   "Let's drink a nice cold coke!" I would think to myself.  Nope just water.  I went to grab a water and wouldn't you know what was there just staring at me...

YUP, "Share a COKE with Michelle"  thanks a lot!! So hubby walked right up to the refrigerator and grabbed it...and then made me hold it while he went on a ride!

Yeah, that was fun!  I managed to make the whole vacation without drinking soda.  

September... came along and so did the One year mark.  Kailey's birthday party was coming up and I decided to get a 2 liter of Cherry Pepsi, JUST in case one of the parents wanted soda.  HA!!!
On Party day, I was crazy all day preparing.  I finished everything just in time for the first guest to arrive. 

 Fast forward to a few sets of parents that stayed: I offered refreshments to everyone the entire party.  Everyone was good!  Then...a parent wanted a drink and I giggled and said, I have water, juice and CHERRY PEPSI!!!  Guess what her choice was...

YUP you guessed it!! I decided to go ahead and have a drink.  I served myself HALF of a solo cup. Let me say, that drink was soooooo good.  I really only wanted it so I could drink out of a pink solo cup with a polka dot straw.  I mean how can you resist that?!

I only ended up drinking half of the half of the cup.  LOL did that make sense?  Let me say that instantly I felt bloated and gassy.  Very strange.  I have since, my Sodaversary, drank soda.  I usually drink Pepsi products but one day decided on a Coke and OHHH let me tell you,  that was soooo strong!! I don't think I even drank half of it.

In the end, after my first drink, I could physically feel the difference.  Bloating, gassy, burpy.  Who wants that?!  I haven't made any super healthy choices which is another story in itself. I don't like to exercise either because I really don't like to sweat and I don't like to smell like outside. Ha, I know kind of sad.  If I had a choice, I wouldn't have sweat glands and if I HAD to sweat, I would sweat glitter!  hehehe

For now, I have decided to not buy any soda cans for the house.  I'm OK with a 2 liter.  Hubby ends up drinking it all anyway, LOVE you sweetie!  My REASON to stop drinking soda was simply to see if I could actually give up something I love that I knew was bad for me.  Soda was going to be the hardest thing for me to give up.  If I wanted to start getting healthy or eating better, my first step was going to have to be to quit the soda.  

Slowly but surely I will HAVE to get myself on healthier habits, I have a high percentage of ending up with, not so fun, health issues.  But for now I am content in knowing that I have good will power and if I really try, I can get to that healthy self!

Until Next Time
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