Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Throw A Pinterest Party

Technically today is "What I Made From Pinterest Wednesday" so this works out PERFECT!!!

We have only been in Dahlgren for about seven months.  In that short amount of time I've managed to meet  a few pretty awesome ladies.  

Recently at a Girl Scout ceremony, myself and these awesome ladies were talking about Pinterest.  Come on, you know you do it too!  How many conversations start out with, "I was on Pinterest..." hehehe  Somehow the topic of Pinterest parties came up.  I'm pretty sure I started it because I'm a little obsessed.  We all agreed that we needed to have a party.  My friend Jenni over at Real Life on Reagan, graciously volunteered to host.  I was SUPER excited about this.  I mean I have 24,000+ pins so the chance to take a couple off my boards would be a good thing.

The night we got home from our Girl Scout event, Jenni had already started planning.  She is a planner and LOVES it, her and I will be BFF's one day ;) A date was picked, people were invited and the wait for party began.

While in planning mode, Jenni kept us informed and asked us a few questions about what we might want to craft and what she was planning for food.  $25 was the goal for each of us to pay to help with the cost of supplies for each of our crafts.

Pinterest Party day was here!  I was super excited to go to Jenni's house.  When we walked in the first thing I noticed besides her beautiful home was the smell.  Something YUMMY was cooking!!  Next was the dining room table ready to go with our supplies for our projects.

She had a variety of everything for each project.  We didn't go without needing anything, that's for sure!

Our projects were going to be a sign, fun coffee mugs and a wreathe.  Here's the blank sign and the blank coffee mugs.

A separate table for all the wreathe pretties!

Flowers for wreathe embellishments.

Before we sat down to craft our little hearts away, we grabbed a cup of coffee and some yummy food!  I was in envy of Jenni's coffee station!! I LOVED that she had everything needed in one spot.  I could only dream of that space in my home!

Check out these "SUPER CUTE" coffee napkins.  She got them at Dollar Tree for $1!!! I know right?!  Even though I don't have a coffee station I might just have to add these to my kitchen.

One of our friends has an allergy and Jenni was sweet enough to make a separate dish for her so she wouldn't miss out on all the yumminess.  She made a sausage and egg cream cheese casserole.  It was nothing short of YUMMY! (check for the recipe on her post, LINK at the bottom)

We had a great time!  I didn't get to finish my projects because I had to be home to pick up my littles but I was excited to get home and finish them.  

Here are the girls finished projects.  Everyone's turned out absolutely awesome!

I'm in love with Jenni's sign AND her coffee mug!! It turned out soooo adorable!

Here's Jenni's finished wreathe.  I'm loving how she put the ribbon all the way around.

Amy went home and made a couple mugs.  I LOVE how they turned out.

And for her saying she's not crafty, CHECK out this wreathe!! (this wreathe was my favorite!)

Tina's stuff turned out super cute.  I LOVE the idea of the washi tape around the chalk part of the board.  And check out that Minecraft mug!

NOW let's talk MY REALITY!!!  It's been a couple weeks since our party and I know you're DYING to see my finished projects. it is!!!

Here is the roll I bought to finish my wreathe because I used the entire roll at Jenni's house.  Yup it's sitting on my craft desk next to my 32 oz. of water jug in the middle of my crafty mess!

The flowers for the wreathe are in my craft area next to my Girl Scout bag.

Oh yeah, there is another flower under a newspaper!

My wreathe and sign are in the Laundry room (our back door goes through the laundry room so the laundry room sometimes ends up a catch all)  See the laundry drying right there?!

See how pretty the wreathe turned out!  Well, how it's STARTING to turn out!  I really need to finish this!

And last but not least, the mugs!  These are my favorite!  My hubby calls my daughter Gorgeous and I call my son Handsome so these phrases were totally appropriate for them. They still haven't been put in the oven for the paint to set. One of the girls suggested that I give these to the kiddos on Christmas Eve night with a Christmas book or movie and hot chocolate.  I'm super excited about this gift.  They'll have their own special mugs.  Hubby and I use our Starbucks mugs and because I have the occasional OCD, I CAN'T use these mugs when they are totally different sizes from my Starbucks mugs :) 

Yup, I'm glad I have a place to be accountable because seriously I need to get these crafts finished.  I'm hoping to be posting completed projects next Wednesday ;) 

Make sure to check out Jenni's post to see ALL the details on how she planned and put together the party.

We are planning a new party.  I think I've heard through the grapevine, wine and wreathes.  Maybe I should start planning one so by the time it's my turn I won't be doing anything last minute.

Have you had a Pinterest Party?  What was your favorite part?  What would you do different next time?

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  1. How awesome! What a fun project to do with kids, or just with my friends. Love what you made!

    1. Thanks Rikki. A kids Pinterest party would actually be a BLAST!!!

  2. This looks like SO much fun!!! I love the wreathes & the mugs (I made some mugs like that as Christmas gifts last year). Such an awesome idea! Love it :)

    1. Thanks Christina. We had a lot of fun. We have our next party date set so I'm super excited to see what we will be doing. I'm in love with the mugs, especially Jenni's!

  3. OMG I LOVE THIS!! How fun! Pinterest is ADDICTIVE! So many awesome ideas on there. Glad you had such a fabulous time making such awesome things!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yes Pinterest is Addictive!! I think it's on my mind all the time. Definitely have a ton of projects on there to cover!

  4. I LOVE that idea. I was thinking of having a Pinterest Party but on my blog. It wouldn't be half as fun as in real life, but I would be interested to see what others are making. :-)

    1. What a great idea Deborah!! Let me know if you do a virtual party. I would LOVE to participate!

  5. How fun!! I think I'll need to do something like this! A Pinterest party sounds so fun! Come live by me please?!? haha ;)

    1. Glady, you DEFINITELY need to plan a party. It is soooo fun! Hehe of course and then WE could have a Pinterest party ;)

  6. This looks like so much fun....I like the mugs