Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ready for Christmas with My Christmas Holiday Planner

Can someone please pinch me?!  Is it REALLY Thanksgiving week?! I don't even think I can remember the last two months, they have gone by so incredibly fast.

As much as I would like to call myself a planner, I JUST put my Halloween decorations away on Saturday.  I haven't even started planning what is going on for the month of December.  Didn't I just do a post about my November goals?!

OK, OK I got it, it's almost December. I just picked up my Christmas picture/cards, picked up stamps and FINISHED putting my Holiday Planner together.  I did good by planning our pictures earlier in the month.  I thought I was a little early but I think the timing was perfect.  By the time I get them out, it should be right around the beginning of December.

I started toying with the idea of a Holiday Planner last year.  I knew I didn't want a planner that I actually carried around with me.  9 times out of 10 when I start buying gifts for my kiddos, I buy them, then go Black Friday shopping and EVERYTHING I bought was quite a few dollars cheaper.  So last year I decided that this year I would just buy all their gifts on Black Friday.  I also decided that I have no need to make a Black Friday shopping list because I don't want to be disappointed when I walk in to Wal Mart for that 80 inch TV that's on sale for $5 and it's gone.  Psssshhhh Yeah RIGHT!!!

To make my shopping experience a little more fun, I decided as long as I make it to Target, I'm happy.  Anything else is just a bonus!  It truly is just easier that way.  What ever deals I find on the way will just make it that much more fun.

Every year when the stores start bringing out the Christmas decor, I always browse.  Every once in a while I see some ornaments that I like and think, "hmmmm will these go with my ornaments?!"  It's very frustrating.  Last year I came up with a plan.  I took pictures of EVERY. SINGLE. ornament and saved it.  I had a couple of ideas on how I wanted to do the planner and when I finally decided, this is what I came up with.

On one of my shopping trips to Hobby Lobby I was browsing the Scrapbook section and found a really cool notebook.  I bought it knowing THIS was the route I was going to take for my holiday planner.  Since I knew I wasn't going to carry it around with me, I knew it would work.  I just LOVED the black on chipboard.

They also had these refill pages that made me think I could really put them to good use!

And this one!

The first thing I did, was grabbed all the pictures that I took and developed last year. Yes, I have kept these printed and ready for one year.  It was a project that kept getting pushed back.

Every time I look at Ornaments, I go straight for the gold.  Hence, all the gold ornaments.  NOW I know that I no longer need gold ornaments.  I also have written on the back, how many of each ornament I have.

  I have one separate page for each color.  The gold already has more ornaments on the back side.  

The next page is Red.

And then black.  I know, not a very common color on a Christmas tree.  But it always ends up looking pretty.  I LOVE my black ornaments.

Then I moved on to the home decor.  I want to make sure everything I am buying matches everything I already have.

Blankets, Santa bags and table linens.

Other decor

Fun plates and dishes.  It's funny, every year I can NEVER remember if we have a Santa dish. he he

The collage with the tree is the fun tree.  This tree has ALL the ornaments that the kids have made and ornaments that have been given to them.  Sadly we won't be putting this tree up this year.  There is NO room for it.  I have no idea where I am putting our tree up in this house.

I also took pictures of the Christmas books we have.  I opted for pictures instead of a written list.  I'm a visual person ;)

As soon as I started putting the pictures in the sleeves I felt a sense of relief.  It was a GREAT way to Inventory everything I have.

I have been following A Bowl Full of Lemons for quite a while now.  Last year Toni released her Holiday Planner.  I fell in LOVE and bought it quick!  As with my other projects, it was on my list, I just never got to it.  

Not this year.  After a few Organizing sessions in our new house, I rediscovered it, fell in love ALL over again and made it a point to make it a part of my planner.

It's a printable kit so all you do is purchase it, download it and print it.  I originally wanted to copy Toni's planner exactly but I knew I wanted to include my photos as well.  Going the ARC route wasn't going to work for my idea.  

I didn't buy page dividers but I did the next best thing.  I found this *super cute punch and decided I could make my own.

It comes with some stickers that you just punch out and stick on the tab so it sticks to the paper with no problem.  But I found a better way to attach them to the paper.

WASHI tape!!!!

I rummaged through my little basket of washi tape looking for Christmas themed tape.  So sad, I don't have any but I have red and green.

So with these colors I decided to have some fun with the tabs.  I simply cut the tape to the size of the tab.  As you can see it didn't cover any of the important part of the page.

And for the back, I cut a smaller size washi tape and just taped it on to the back.  It's not going anywhere.

There are 12 printable sheets.  Toni has them beautifully separated.  Here is how I separated them.(Check out her shop for details on all the pages that are offered in this bundle).

I decided to actually make a list this year.  It'll also be really fun to see what cards we receive.

Events, There will be a few so this is PERFECT for keeping track of when, where and how much.

First event, FREE, gotta love that!

Gifts,  this year we are going small.  Gifts for family have already been purchased but the kids, well, I have some work to do.

$200 is a rough budget for now.  As the kids get older their gifts get smaller and cost more.  I'm hoping to do less than this.  It will be a simple year in this tiny house!

This is a really cool printable, My Christmas Wish List.  I need to get the kids to fill this out.  It'll be a great keepsake for them as well.  OOOOps, how did my list get in there?!

Holiday Shopping List - Great list for everything you'll need.  I was able to check off some items just from having my photos handy.

Holiday Menu Plan - Not quite sure we will be needing this printable this year.  Our house is too tiny to comfortably host another family of 4.  But when I do, I know I'll have this handy.

I plan on getting all my Christmas recipes and ideas in this planner.  I've had this magazine for a while with all my recipe books.  I think it is quite silly because I really only use it once a year. So, I found these really cool *magazine holders for magazines that fit in a three ring binder and I LOVE them.  It's a nice small magazine and fits in here just PERFECT.

I am soooo incredibly happy that I finally got this project together.  I have been thinking about it for quite a while and now it's done.  The thing I love the most is that I bought the Printables once and I can use them year after year!  And aren't they SUPER CUTE ;)

Do you have a Holiday Planner?

DISCLAIMER - All opinions on the A Bowl Full of Lemons Printables are my own.  I bought these on my own and I am not receiving anything by posting about them.  
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  1. Love it! I've never thought about doing just a holiday planner before but now I think I need one!

  2. Wish I could be this organized! :) We put our Christmas shopping list in our Cozi app, and then check off each person as we buy it. With Cozi we can both see a live version of the list, so if one of us picks something up and forgets to tell the other, we can see someone already got it, and not have to worry about having a ton of returns. We also have an agreed upon amount to spend on people each year ($10 for siblings- I have 6 and he has 3), $10-$20 for nieces and nephews- again close to 20 between our families, and $20-$30 for parents). A lot of times we just split a large gift for a parent with our other siblings.

    1. I WISH I could use that Cozi app!! I am definitely not an electronic planner. I LOVE to feel pen on paper. I do all the shopping in our home so we don't really run in to the multiple gifts problem. I found gifts for our parents on a Pick Your Plum style website and when I found it, I KNEW that was a great gift. I was really excited to get an inventory on the ornaments though. Now I know I need more black and red. Funny, before I did my planner guess what I bought, more gold ornaments. It does help to be organized in this way but sometimes we each do it in our own way. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  3. This is awesome, Michelle! I almost bought that holiday planner when it came out last year and it looks amazing! I usually have some sort of notebook, but nothing this organized. I'm totally impressed :). This year, I'm feeling way behind...I haven't put together any sort of list or anything!! I have to get on that...thanks for some great eye candy and inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much Vicky. I have been wanting to do this for an entire year. I am waaaay behind on everything this year. I feel like I have been slacking. Trying to get this tiny house put together but I'm glad it's done. Make sure you share yours with me if you do one. I'm sure it'll be AMAZING!!!