Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year End Review

2014 has been a great year.  I feel like each year that passes goes quicker and quicker.  My little ones are growing so fast and I feel like I am just not ready for it.  I know it has to happen but I wish time would slow down just a little!

Every year on the 31st of December many people vow to make changes in their life for 2015.  I've been around a while and failed so many times in making these crazy promises to myself.  This year I decided I want the best for 2015.  This means living each day to its fullest and if I decide I want to make changes, Monday is always a good place to start.  I don't want to put a crazy list of things I want to change and try to do them all at once.  I've tried this and failed every year.  The expectations are just too high and I don't want to start off a new year failing.

One thing I have accomplished this year, has been being consistent with my blog.  I am pretty proud that I have really made an effort at working at this.  I do this for fun.  I love to share the things I have.  It's a creative outlet for me.  I may not be the best writer, my grammar sucks, or the best photographer but that's ok, I'm totally enjoying this.

With that being said, here's a recap of my year in blogland.

In March of this year we said Good-bye to our home of 5 years.  It was one of the hardest good-byes we had.  The kids started Pre-K at the school they attended.  Needless to say, friendships were made and saying Good-Bye was NOT easy.

We said Hello to a new home, a new TINY home that caused me some MAJOR anxiety and LOTS of tears!

I discovered a very cool rebate that I had ignored for a very long time!  It always pays to read the fine print!

When moving in to a new home, there always ends up being things you end up organizing.  Here are my FAVORITE organizing posts of the year.

And for those of you that still have warranties and owners manuals that you keep on hand and are not digital, here's how I organize ours:

This year I was lucky enough to be featured on A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS One Project At A Time.  This post has gone "viral" for ME, over 13,000 views.  I had NO idea this would happen but I'm so glad it did because it's motivated me to do so much more!

I LOVE planners and it seems like many people do too.  I took an Erin Condren planner and ARC'd it. 

I made it easy to use Plastic sleeves with dividers.

I got ready with a planner that holds all my Christmas stuff in ONE spot.

I also shared my Planner "Plan" for 2015

I shared some personal stuff.

My Kiddos going Back To School

I shared a couple of Parties,

And a Pinterest Party, say what?!

Last but not least, I TOTALLY stepped out of my comfort zone and got in to sharing some outfits!  Dare I say Fashion posts?!  Well lets not go there, I wouldn't call it fashion, I would call it putting together a super cute wardrobe!

Style Me Pretty Challenge 

Whooo, it's been a great year!  I've made some great new friends and have learned to LOVE this tiny little house.  I came to the realization that this is not our forever home and I'm thankful we have what we have regardless of the size.  I've gone back to work and realized that I'm much more motivated to accomplish things at home because now I have less time to do it.  I don't work full time but it is so nice to be outside of the home after 10 years of staying at home.  I'm lucky enough to see my kids off to school and be home before they get home.  I am beyond lucky for that opportunity!  Thanks Jenni!

I hope 2015 is as good as this year and hope you have the best New Years yet!

Until Next Time
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