Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Planner "Plan" for 2015

Can you believe it is December 2nd?!  Eeeek I swear the end of this year is creeping up so fast.  Although I was terrible at many things this year, I did manage to really knock my socks off on some other things.  I planned ahead on quite a few things which made it really helpful.  It also got me thinking, when I plan, I succeed!  How silly is that?!  

Well that is the truth.  I thought I took Christmas pictures too early, then I thought I ordered them too early.  But guess what?  They were all in the mail yesterday!  I am PROUD!!!

In the passed couple of years, I have realized that I am all over the place when it comes to planners.  I think I have bought every kind of planner out there.  Much to no succeed.  Planners come out twice a year so for us planner addicts, it's hard to settle down when you know you have two times a year to shop.  The colors change, they become fancy, it's like you have NEVER seen one like it before.  Kind of like that cute necklace, but for me, it's a Planner, THAT, catches my eye.

I've really tried to pay attention to how I plan and what has been successful.  So that brings me to...

Oooh I have been eyeing two of these items for a while now and BOTH are things I haven't tried.

One thing that I did notice and did succeed at, was the power of the "TO-DO" list.  I mean, really?!  Yup, no joke.  I think I bought a couple of these little cuties at Target.

They come in a few different colors but my favorite color is green so I grabbed this one.  It happens to match my new planner for the year.  BONUS!!

This notebook will simply be for things that come up in my head that I need to get to.  A project, an email, a note, reminders for myself.  As I complete a "task" I cross it off and move on to the next.  There is something so satisfying about crossing something off a list.  It really helps.

Next lesson learned is that when I go out, shopping or to an appointment, I don't need my BIG planner that has my whole life in it.  All I need is a "monthly" calendar and a notebook.  This BEAUTIFUL Sugar Paper planner from Target has both in one. And this one only comes out at the END of the year.  

Monthly view, no weeks.  I'll definitely be adding some tabs.  That's the only thing missing.

After the months, there is a nice little divided pocket.  Notes and that's it!  Monthly calendar and Notes.  It's all I need.

And now for the piece I have been eyeing for, for over one year!

The Emily Ley Life Planner.  She offers Four different covers and two different lay outs.  A weekly and a daily.  I decided to go with the daily to do something different.  This planner weighs a bit but it will be my home based planner.  The one everyone in the house can look at to see what's going on.  

Here is the monthly view.

and the daily view.

I just LOVE the layout of the daily page.  It has a spot for a To Do list and dinner and notes.  And it has a nice little quote.  For 2015 I plan on looking at this nightly and planning out the NECESSARY To-Do's on here and writing down any notes I need for that next day.  I might not really use the hourly area but I am really going to try to see where our day goes.

I am so in love with the Emily Ley products that I also have the Simplified Journal and just ordered the Home Base Binder on Cyber Monday.  If you like the planner I'm pretty sure she is almost sold out but make sure and take a look if you have fallen in love like I did.  I ordered mine in October the day they were released.  I am ITCHING to start using it but TERRIFIED to write in it.  Haha us Planner Addicts just can't win.  

If anything, I know one of these will work for the year.  I really don't think I have ever used one planner for an ENTIRE year.  I think the problem is when I have slow weeks I feel like I really don't NEED a planner and then kind of give up. It's silly really.  If I can recall, I think I have complained the last month that I haven't sat still.  These planners will do exactly what I need them to.

So now that you have seen what I'm "Planning" for next year, what do you have planned?  Have you gotten your 2015 planner yet?

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  1. You crack me up! I can't believe you said it'd be a planner for at home for everyone to look at! You know you aren't going to let them touch it! lol

    They are pretty planners though and you've got me motivated! I'm excited for the new year! I love brand new planners!!!

    1. Haha you're starting to see all my flaws!!! You're right, I probably won't let them touch it. We do have the white board that everyone looks at so that works too!

      I LOVE planners!!! hehe

  2. Ah, I haven't gotten my planner yet for 2015! These look really good, though!! I love a good planner with a nice spacious monthly view & space for a to do list!! Great post :)

    1. Thanks so much Christina. I love the ones from Target. They are super thin and super cute and have two options, weekly & monthly or just monthly, like I got. I can't wait to use them.

  3. Love this post, Michelle! ;) Love the Emily Ley planner...it's SO pretty!! And great idea on having a transportable monthly planner in addition to the big SP planner! I hope the SP fills all your planning needs and you are able to blissfully ignore all other planner taunts throughout 2015! :D

    1. Thanks Vicky! haha you know my eye will be peeking in the summer! I'm hoping this will solve all my planning needs. Fingers CROSSED!

  4. Love these!! Love planners so much, its a blessing and a curse! Hahahaha These are adorable!

    1. Haha Jennifer you are sooooo right!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. I got a cheap faux filofax on Amazon a few months back, and I will continue to use that into 2015. I would like to upgrade to the real deal eventually. Regardless, I really before a binder style so I can add and take out pages easily!

    1. Andrea, I want a real Filo also. I don't know what I'll do with it but I know that I want one. There is something nice about the ring system.