Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Organizing Warranties and Owner's Manuals

Are you all ready for Christmas?!  Eeek I can't believe it's next week.  This past week I was lucky enough to have my blender quit on me.  I know who calls that lucky?!  Well lucky for me, hubby got me a new blender, a Ninja!! I'm super excited about it but super annoyed at myself because I haven't even used it yet.  Our house is so small, the accessory pieces are literally in three parts of the house.  I won't tell you about the crying fit I had because of our tiny kitchen.  I'll keep that to myself.

In getting the new blender, it came with warranties and owner's manuals.  Ugh just another thing to have to to keep somewhere.  For the past few years I had a system in place but I figured now was the perfect time to really get it all together.  This comes just in time for Christmas gifts that come with all that paper fun.

I grabbed a good 3 inch binder and some really great three hole punch poly sleeve envelopes (affiliate link).

After I figured out how I wanted to organize everything, I grabbed all the manuals and warranties and put them in a pile.

I was not excited to go through this pile but I knew the end result would be worth it.  I separated like items together.

I separated them in to these categories:
Home Appliances
Office Equipment
Camera Equipment
Kids Electronics
Sports Equipment
Home Hardware

Before "finalizing" the categories, I wrote down the category on a post it.

One of the most important things when buying electronics or appliances is the warranty.  At the very front of the binder,  I simply wrote down the current warranties and when they expire.  I decided to go against typing it out because when something comes in, I just want to be able to write it down, in the order I got it.  I then put the paper in a plastic sleeve.

I labeled the outside of my binder with my label maker!

A big binder is a good idea because with the poly envelopes filled, this notebook can get pretty big.

When I open the binder the first thing I see is the warranties in the plastic sleeve for easy view and access if I need to add something.

Next is warranties because this will help me if something goes wrong with an item.

And then with the LOVELY labels made with my label maker, my binder is done and organized!

I apologize for my pictures.  I always seem to end up taking pictures at night when the kiddos are in bed and all household chores are done.  The result, not so fancy pictures.  It makes me sad but it's ok hehe.  I'll work on it next year.

Do you have your manuals and warranties organized?  How do you organize them?

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