Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter/Holiday Style Me Pretty Challenge. Week 2.

WOW!!! What a difference one week can make!  I can't even tell you what this challenge has done for me.  I am absolutely LOVING the responsibility of getting myself dressed.  Ask me one month ago and I would be picking out those classy yoga pants and favorite sweatshirt.

This week I have some fun new outfits to share.  What I have realized is that I need some color in my life.  I tend to gravitate towards darker colors.  But that's ok, it works for me.

Here is week two of THIS fabulous challenge! With another dose of awkward selfies!

Poncho, Long Sleeved Tee, Printed Scarf, Skinny Jeans, Wedge boots.
I totally didn't have a pancho or wedge boots so I opted for something totally different.  I decided that since I knew I was sharing my outfits, I HAD to have something cute.  So I chose, a polka dot collared shirt, red cable knit sweater, denim jeans and leopard tennis shoes.

Plaid Shirt, Puffer Vest, Black Jeans or Leggings, Wedge Boots.
This was one of my favorite outfits of the week!  And guess what, as I was walking out of the house hubby said, "You look nice!" WOOT, WOOT!  I'll take that as a win!

LOVE this combo!

Long Cardigan, Neutral Tee, Fur Scarf, Skinny Jeans, Riding Boots.
I was super excited about this outfit.  I fell in love with this sweater when I bought it.  I opted for a dark tee and Fuggs (fake Uggs).  My black riding boots are not comfy for a day of work.  I'm still on the hunt for a fur scarf and I'm still super sad about it so no scarf for today.

I found this necklace when I bought my cardigan.  Pretty good match if you ask me ;)

Day Six:
Dressy Sweater, Grey Jeans, Black Heels.
Well I totally went off script for today.  We had a holiday party to go to so I wore a dress.  I planned on one dress and ended up wearing something completely different.  Didn't plan on sharing but took a couple selfies for fun.

My handsome hubby and I.  Gotta love red roaming lights.

Day Seven:
Plaid Shirt, Cable Knit Sweater, Statement Necklace, Black Pants, Black Heels, Dressy Clutch.
Ummmm, no outfit today.  Sunday was my first day off in one week.  I'm not working a full time job but it has been an adjustment for me.  Sunday, I wore a sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes.  I had to do laundry and run errands.  But during the week I was able to pick up a couple of items off my list that I didn't have.

A couple pairs of booties!! Woot Woot!  No Nordstrom anywhere close so I improvised and went with these from Kmart.  Buy one get one for $1.  Yup TWO pairs for $30!  Great score, now to wear them.

Fancy sweater!  Leopard print anything pretty much makes me smile and works for me.  This print worked especially because it had sequins!

Long Sleeved Tee, Puffer Vest, Skinny Jeans, Fur Scarf, Ugg Boots, Boot Socks.
And here is where I realized that I like dark colors.  I'm wearing a dark blue/navy long sleeved tee with my "skinny" jeans (denim leggings).  In better lightning it looked much better.  (I may need to rethink my selfie spot).  And there are my FUGGS!! (fake Uggs, I just haven't taken the plunge to spend the money on the real ones)

Super comfy, super put together outfit!

Dressy Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Riding Boots.
And here is my leopard "Dressy" sweater with denim "skinny" jeans (my leggings) and my black riding boots.  I had FUN with this outfit and my picture.  I decided to find a new spot for my "selfie" and had a SASSY moment because my son was taking my picture.  I also had a lot of fun adding some cute accessories with this outfit.

My silly selfie face.

Another dark outfit but it's ok.  There are plenty other seasons for me to wear color!

I hope you liked this week of outfits.  Make sure to come back next Wednesday to see the next week of the challenge.  I'm excited to wear a couple pieces I haven't worn yet. 

Definitely check out the Blog party I have teamed up with.  There are some super cute ladies with GREAT style.  There is even a closet I want to move in to.

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  1. Red is definitely a very flattering color on you!

  2. You are doing great interpreting the outfits! Your accessories are so pretty. I think the puffer vest/plaid shirt is my favorite, but honestly, you look great in everything!

    1. Thanks so much! I am absolutely loving that combo. I think so far that is my favorite.

  3. Love the leopard shoes and red sweater and that sparkly sweater.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  4. 2 pairs of wedges are better than one!!!
    I love all your blingy accessories this week!!!

    1. They definitely are Shaunacey! I would not have bought these shoes if it wasn't for the challenge but I'm actually loving them. Bling is my favorite. No matter what size I am, they ALWAYS fit!

  5. You're rocking the challenge, Michelle!

  6. Michelle - I love seeing your interpretations of the daily outfits and how you add your own spin on them to suit your style! The leopard shoes are my favorite.

    Thanks so much for participating, you ladies are such an incredible blessing! All the best in 2015!