Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter/Holiday Style Me Pretty Challenge. Week 4

Yayyyyy!! We are on the last week of the Style Me Pretty Challenge!  Well, maybe not yayyy because my daily emails are no longer coming in and that makes me sad!

I have to say that the first few days of January have been a little rough.  We have been a lucky family not to be hit with the flu bug that has been going around everywhere.  That being said, this mama has had quite an adjustment going back to work.

One of my goals while the kids were on Christmas break, was to get a chore chart in place for them.  I also wanted to take down the tree, organize the things in the house that have been out of place and finish and put away laundry.  I'm glad to say that I have been able to accomplish all of that.  What I haven't been able to accomplish is the after school portion of my day, which has meant that my clothing challenges have been put to the side while I struggle to fully wake up in the morning.  I am currently up WAAAAAAYYY passed my bedtime!
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