Monday, February 16, 2015

What I've Been Up To

Let's talk busy!  I know I'm not the only one that has a lot going on.  I mean, I'm sure I don't even come close to a lot of others.  But for me, the month of January was full of busy craziness and with craziness comes a lot of exhaustion and messy messes!

With all of this exhaustion, I gave up doing some things that I love and that includes my blog.  I was doing really good for a while but then I started working longer days and pretty much lost all of my organization skills and time management.

I'm hoping that I have gotten through this little slump of mine and can get to better planning, organization and blog posts.

Here is a little recap of what I've been up to this New Year.

Of course I had to take, what has seemed to be a monthly trip to IKEA.  With each trip comes lots of motivation and decorating ideas.

What do you think of this new piece of decor ;) ?

I've been OBSESSED with Taylor Swifts 1989 CD (affiliate link).  I've been listening to it in the car on the way to and from work.  I have dubbed myself a "Swiftaholic", you heard it here first!

My friend Jenni and I were lucky enough to attend a trade show with our work.  That was a bit of an adventure.  I'm super happy that we went.  This trip helped solidify what it is I want to do.  Now I just have to take the action steps in to making it happen.  It WILL happen, just wait and see!

The hotel we stayed at has CLEARLY been on Pinterest!

Being my silly self while we waited for the ice on the roads to clear up.

Our overnight trip was fun.  Our drive home, not so much.  We ran in to traffic and ended up going a totally different way than what we planned.  Two hours in to the trip, we just. wanted. to. be. home!  But one thing is for sure.  I always have fun when we hang out!

Pretty much sums up our times together!

My little family and I went to this new, to us, BBQ joint up the road.  It was DELICIOUS!! I had some serious food coma when we left the restaurant.  

I'm in DESPERATE need of Organizing a few spaces in my home.  Here are my top 3 NIGHTMARES!

My desk.  It doubles as a make-up vanity for me.  This house is so small that I had to get a little clever.  This is pretty much what my desk looks like on a daily basis.  It's driving me crazy!

My daughters room... has been an ongoing issue.  Jenni came over when I first started to try and figure out what I was going to do with it (future blog post).  This is how it looks right now.  I have another Ikea trip planned with the final pieces to make this room a little more manageable.

And this is behind my bedroom door.  My BEAUTIFUL mirror that I have been needing forever and finally got.  I'm trying to decide what to do with this space.

I'm either thinking a full shelf like this...
I'm thinking I can house some cute jewelry holders for my most worn jewelry, some fashion books, perfume...

or... a half shelf with this kind of a look.

{image via Pinterest}

I found a new blog that I am OBSESSED with!!!  If you haven't visited Dimples and Tangles, you MUST!!! Jennifer's beautiful home is my Inspiration for our FOREVER home!  EEEEK it's not that far away!

{image via Dimples & Tangles}

I'm in need of a serious hair makeover and am LOVING Lea Michele's color, cut and style in this picture.  She's one of my FAVORITE celebrities!

{image via Pinterest}

In VA we have been getting all kinds of snow notifications.  Excitement and let down, excitement, let down.  The weather alerts are saying we will be getting 8-12 inches on Monday night.  I'm going to say... I'll believe that when I see it!

And last but not least... I bought this book to help me cut the sugar.  After working at a candy store for the past two months and having any kind of candy at my finger tips, I realized I think I am literally making myself sick eating too much sugar.  It's time to change something!

There's not really one excuse for being crazy busy, there's a multiple amount of them.  Bottom line is I need to learn how to manage my time and make my days work for me, not against me.  

Until Next Time 
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