Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Mustache You Some Questions Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Leslie at Once Upon A Time & Happily Ever After.  I had so much fun reading her version of it that I decided to go ahead and do it too.

What are four names people call me other than my real name?
  • Shelly - Some of my friends
  • Sweetie - MY sweetie of course
  • Missy - My mom.  Hehe I think it started out of sarcasm
  • Twitch - My lovely friends!  Because I twitch when things are a little not perfect! 
What are four jobs I have had?
  • First job - Judy's  I LOVED that store but it's no longer around
  • Charlie Brown's - Hostess.  I still can't believe I ever did this.  Good restaurant 
  • Ross - Customer Service!  AND for Four years.  That was an interesting job!
  • Bridal Consultant at Robinson's May (now Macy's) A couple months later, I met my husband :)

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Friday, April 17, 2015

My TOP 3 Wardrobe Picks for Spring and a Little GIVEAWAY!

OOoooh How are you all?!  Eek it's been a while.  This mama has been doing some serious overtime at work.  I can't wait to share those details and get back to blogging more regularly.  Thanks to those of you who sent me messages wondering where I have been :)

I am so excited to be participating in a FABULOUS giveaway with a FABULOUS group of bloggers I met through the Style Me Pretty challenges. How does a $130 gift card to Nordstrom sound?! Sounds good doesn't it? After you check out these beautiful ladies, enter the Rafflecopter right underneath them :)

Like I said, I have been so busy with work.  I promise I will share soon.  I haven't had ANY time to shop.  The weather is definitely changing and I was soooo ready to do the Challenge for Spring but decided to wait.  I can only really wear pants and tennis shoes to work.  My hair has to be pulled back, no jewelry, no perfume, and the temperature stays at 68 degrees inside the store, I'm ALWAYS freezing!

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