Friday, May 29, 2015

This Place I Call Home!

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I must admit when I saw the writing prompt for this week I was a little nervous.  But as I started looking through pictures, I started to see that we really have done a lot here!

We have been here over one year now. (You can read all about our move, HERE)  It was tough at first but we are pretty much in our "norm" now.

So here is our life in this place we call home:

We went to our second pumpkin patch as a family this year.  The last time we went was about two months after Kailey was born.  It was a lot of fun.

Because we are super safe here on this base (although the worry never goes away) and pretty much everyone knows everyone, I allowed Kyle to go Trick or Treating with his friends without me.  I was clearly sad about it.  He's at the age where, on base, he is aloud to do that, so I let him.

We've experienced a LOT of snow.  Kids were out of school and mommy was out of work.  Made for some serious cabin fever!

The kids and I experienced our first Japanese steakhouse.  Kyle was amazed at the steak!
Otani Japanese Steak and Seafood House

We discovered Sweet Frog!  This could be a bad thing for me but the kids LOVE it!  Frozen yogurt is the way to go!

Chipotle!! OMG my friend Cory introduced me to it.  I'll never forget eating it for the first time.  Then I found out that my friend Arianna loved it and that was it.  Once I moved I realized they had one here.  Needless to say I got one of my friends hooked too!
Burrito Bowl anyone?!

IKEA!  I mean nothing more to say!  I am HOOKED!! Too bad my house is too small!  Gotta love having a fun time with your BESTIE!

A beautiful view!  The one thing we love about where we live, is the beautiful surrounding.  Our house is tiny but we have a nice little piece of property.  The kids have room to roam and play!

Work!! Don't be jealous this stuff will make you sick! ;) If you are ever in this part of Virginia, make sure you stop at my work, Mary's Cakery and Candy Kitchen.  An old time candy store with fun gifts and the most delicious chocolate around.  There are not many candy stores like this anymore.

A Golf cart community!  Say what?!  Yup Colonial Beach is where our good friends Jennie and Dan live. A lot of people own golf carts and go places all over the little town.  It's definitely a fun little place. We took a little trip to the local 7-eleven to get our Slurpee in a cup fill!  

Richmond is not too far from us.  I went with work to a Women's Show.  It was pretty fun.  I was in GREAT company!

Jessa Duggar was the "celebrity" guest. I didn't get to meet her but I kept going back every few half hours, lol, to see if I could go through the line.  I never got to go through the line but I did get to see her leave and guess what I saw, a baby bump!  I walked back to our booth and told the girls.  Turned out I was right, that following Monday they made the announcement! I was lucky enough to get this close but even more lucky that the book company allowed me to buy a book, give it to them and have her sign it.  

Here's her and Ben's autograph.  I know you're not supposed to have authors sign your name but this was for me!

And our hard work paid off!  We were one of 10 winning Exhibit Displays.  Kind of a great accomplishment!

On this base when we hear "colors" we stop and salute.  It's one of the neatest things to experience, even better when you know you have taught your kids right!

Alpaca Farm, eek that was interesting.  We went with our Girl Scout troop.  I learned that my little one CAN clean when she's asked!

We took a 2 hour trip to Luray Caverns.  It was definitely really cool.  The rocks are crazy that it almost doesn't even seem real. 

My little handsome and I!

Great Wolf Lodge.  A fun hotel with a HUGE water park inside.  This was a lot of fun!  Our AWESOME Girl Scouts Troop Leader had some awesome events this year and this was one that I couldn't pass up.  Neither one of us had been so we made sure to take advantage.  It was a blast!

After seeing all these pictures, I guess there is a lot that we have here at home.  We are about one hour away from Washington D.C.  We haven't made a trip there yet but Kailey and I will be visiting this July, on my BIRTHDAY, for the Taylor Swift concert.

We only have two years left here in Dahlgren.  I have high hopes to make it down to Florida and New York to visit my childhood Best Friend, a trip to Philadelphia to meet up with a dear friend ;), Georgia, South Carolina and Norfolk to visit a couple of my bestest friends.  Time goes by so fast that I can't even stand it but I hope we can do some of it.  Who knows where we'll end up next?!

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