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My Plum Paper Planner Review

OOOOh has it been a while or what?  So much has changed in the last Six months and I have been really horrible about keeping up with my blog.  

I love my little place here in cyberspace, but I am not very good at sitting myself down and actually writing.  I'm always thinking about what I am going to post but I never actually do it.  I'll have to save my last six months for another post.

The New Year is always a great time for a brand new planner.  But if you are anything like me, you will probably say that with every planner you buy until the actual start of the year.  

I have been pretty good and kept really steady with one planner this year.  I did end up trying a couple others.  But for 2017 I need consistency and I.NEED.ONE.PLANNER.

My best friend Jenni is just about as planner obsessed as I am.  We are always convincing each other that we have found the perfect planner, or this one will work because...
You know, I'm sure you have had the same conversation with your bestie or yourself!

After going BACK & FORTH on a couple different planners, Jenni convinced me that I needed to check out  and after not much convincing, I decided that this was the one for me, so I ordered.  And guess what?!  She didn't even get one haha!!  (disclaimer: she did get one and if I don't say that, she might get mad at me! I mean not really but whatever ;)

So after spending some time on the Plum Paper website playing with different covers and deciding what I wanted to add to my planner, I got it!

If you like customization, you will love this planner.  It has lots of different things you can add to your planner to make it your own and to make it work for you.

Disclaimer: (All opinions are my own.  I purchased this planner on my own and have no affiliation with Plum Paper.  Just want to share their awesomeness)

After a couple of weeks of waiting for my customized planner, it had arrived!

I have to say that after waiting for what seemed an eternity, because all us planner girls want our custom planners NOW,  I was a little underwhelmed when I opened the box.  If you have ever ordered an Erin Condren planner you know you are stalking the window WAITING for the delivery man to get their with your new planner.  

I was doing the same thing with this planner BUT, opening the box just didn't feel the same.  I can't even remember what was in an EC box but I'm pretty sure their is tissue paper with some free stickers and a pretty postcard thanking you for your purchase and some other fun stuff.

What I DID get excited about was the beauty that I saw after taking my planner out of the plastic.

CHECK this out!! I mean HOW CUTE!!!

I ordered a 8.5"x 11" "ME planner" and a 7"x 9" spiral notebook

This beauty is the "ME" planner

Clear plastic cover to protect your beautiful cover

Now to the Months!!!

I love the colorful tabs

And that font with the simple "j" is really cute!

At the beginning of each month their is a page of monthly highlights and a blank page.  I'm not sure about writing on the First page because the page is not like paper so I am afraid if I write anything with my favorite pens, I'll smear it. 

To be honest, I'm horrible at writing out goals so that's another reason I probably won't write on it.

Here is the monthly lay out.  You'll see why you are seeing February in just a minute, or a scroll ;)

I have discovered Etsy and by saying "discovered" I'm lying because it should be that I have become Obsessed with buying planner stickers on there.  

I LOVE the look of fun monthly stickers.  I ordered these from a shop on Etsy called, MissCraftyCathy

Here is the weekly "ME" layout.  It may look very similar to and Erin Condren or The Happy Planner.

The thing I am LOVING about this layout is that I can label each section whatever I need and use the same section for the entire week.

My baby boy is going to Jr. High next year so I'm sure it'll be very helpful to have a separate section for him since his schedule will be a little different than my daughters.

Since it's a NEW YEAR I'll be rocking my new resolutions.  I will be on top of it!  Especially with my Cleaning, To Do, Workout and Meal planning sections.

Here's the end of the month view.  I like how the whole week is still there but it's just greyed out since it's the next month.

I added a couple sections to the back of the month.  That's one of the unique things I love about this planner.  At the time I ordered, I added the "To Do" list section to the back to kind of keep an ongoing list but NOW, I'm not sure I'll really use it.  We'll see...

You can add this anywhere in the planner,  you also get to choose options on how many sheets you want.

 After the To Do section I added the Checklist section.  I plan on using these for quite a few things.

One being, my bill planner.

I split my bills for the 1st and the 15th.  Since I started writing my bills in next years planner, we have paid off our car!!! YAYYYY for no car debt.  

 I have been paying my bills the same for YEARS so I decided to do the same in this planner.  It has worked for me so far so why break the habit.  

I always write the due date, amount due and Reference.  Once I pay the bill I will write the confirmation number in the Reference section.  It saved me once when I had a discrepancy come up on an account.  I called the bank and they asked me for a Reference number and BAM, I had it.

The 7" x 9" spiral notebook is an add on item. 

There are Five different paper choices for the Notebook.  I chose the Graph.

The paper quality for Plum Paper is amazing.  I am VERY happy with the purchase of these planners.  I hope to use it for the entire year.  If I don't, it won't be because of the planner, it'll be because I "think" I found something that will work better hehehehe.

I would not let the presentation of the items affect my decision on purchasing this planner, over all I am so excited about finding this planner.  I have been putting off writing in it because I'm paranoid about making mistakes in it but I already had to figure out how to correct a mistake with crossing out my car loan so I guess I will move forward.

I hope 2016 has found you well and I hope that 2017 will be "your" year.  I sure hope to make it the year I have been wanting.  We have so much going on in the next two years that I think it'll be AMAZING!  I'll try to do better and get on here more.  I have so much to share!

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  1. I can't wait to get home and get mine!! So bummed it didn't arrive before we left for vacation!!